Soulbirds - Larissa

Soulbirds - Larissa

Larissa Laudenberger

Tuesday Morning in Ibiza. We are sleepy and tired as we just arrived the night before but meet with Larissa for breakfast. Despite 8 o’clock in the morning, she is full of energy and tells us that she just finished her morning pilates session. We hesitantly decide to join her the next morning at 7am, order a coffee and start talking.

Are you a morning person?

Definitely a morning person! After waking up, I check my mails while making coffee, then I go to the gym and start the day super fit and awake. And if I have the chance like here, I’ll do pilates.

Which four things do you always pack for an adventure?

Good, solid shoes, a book, sun protection and a bikini.

You are a successful founder - Do you think women are more sensitive than men?

Definitely. Man are super good in repressing while women often think too much about important and unimportant things.

What do you want to achieve before turning 40?

I try to find myself completely and hope to find the key of happiness till then. Of course, I also wish to be successful with my startup Beauty Beee. But first of all, I want to find my place in this world.


When did you decide for yourself to become a founder? And what was the trigger moment for you to finally do it?

During my Internship at a well known PR Agency, I had so many ideas that I knew, I have to found something. The idea to found the first skincare, especially for young girls, was present in my mind for 2 years. I come from a family with five younger siblings. One day, I realized that there was no skincare line that focused on vegan and natural products for young girls. So I talked to a hundreds of people about this idea and finally took the step 2014 with 24 years.

What was the hardest decision for you to make in this context?

Not to do my master and to quit my job. To work independently can be hard.

Where do you take the energy from to do all of this?

"I do a lot of pilates and try to take as much "me-time" as I can. Reading a book or going for a walk alone is the best thing to calm down and gain creative energy. I also write a lot in my free time."

Is Paranoia a creative force?

No, paranoia paralyzes your brain, your creativity and restrains your forces.

Utopia or Realism?

Utopia, of course! The world needs more Optimists.



What importance does sleep has for you?

Sleeping is really important to me. Some people only need 6-7 hours of sleep... I’m not that kind of person. I need at least 8-9 hours to be super productive. Of course, there are times with less sleep - I heard, coffee helps a lot...

What is your daily routine before going to bed?

Before going to bed, I write down my To-Dos for the next day, read a book, take a shower and a good night tea.

What keeps you awake during the night?

Uhh unfortunately too many things: Undone tasks, unplanned things, my company, being afraid of the future from time to time. But also exciting things like holiday planning, new ideas for my blog, new products or what present I should get for my sisters birthday...

What does silk mean to you?

Silk to me is a luxury, every woman should afford and invest in, cause wearing silk means feeling totally secure and special. And that’s what every woman wants to feel, right?

Why are you a fan of RADICE?

RADICE combines luxury and high quality with a modern and relaxed chic. Its timeless but super modern at the same time.