Our Values

Our mission is to create the perfect dream nightwear, one that we would like so much we would take on our travels and wear it on our lazy Sundays.


Leave no traces

Being within this beautiful earth is a gift, a wonderful gift. We want to honor the given and give back by behaving sustainably as a company and individuals.


Made for our Sundays

Our pajamas are functional, sustainable and crazy beautiful all together. Wear them whenever and wherever you want - wear them with pride.


Aspirations of Wanderlust

RADICE stands for roots - our connection to the earth, to nature and thus builds a bridge to our aspiration for freedom, for wanderlust, for our wild and wandering soul. Feel this while wearing your RADICE.


In Harmony with Nature

We want to leave no human footprint with our products. Silk is fully biodegradable, but only if used with no other materials. This is why you find only 100% silk on RADICE.


Worship each dawn

Every day is a gift - celebrate it, be beautiful, dress as you like, wear what you want. Go out on the streets wearing a pajama, be yourself.


Better sleep for a better day

Silk as a protein fiber is comparable to our human skin in many ways. Wearing silk during your slumber interferes the least with your body's largest organ - your skin - by helping your skin breathe and control your bodies climate.


One Community. One Tribe.

Join us spreading these values, become part of our tribe and spread love and inspiration and empower others to fulfill their dreams.

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P.S.: Did we mention that we have amazing coffee in our office?