On Spotlight: Tanja Roos

On Spotlight: Tanja Roos

We had the honor of interviewing Tanja Roos, founder of Nectar & Pulse, and mom of two boys. Tanja, who is in strong pursuit of living life to the fullest, lists her family, her career, and her lust for travelling as her focus in life. However, being a full-time mom and a full-time entrepreneur isn’t easy. Juggling too many roles at once, sleep and recreation became newfound pleasures to this enthusiastic lady boss. Read our interview with Tanja and discover how she is able to balance her different roles with a special sleeping routine, and what keeps her going every day.

How do you juggle family and your own business every day?

It’s a challenge and has been a growing process. Since my husband and I drive the business together, it’s easier. We are more flexible now in switching between the different tasks. I love being a mum, and I also enjoy producing great results with our company Nectar & Pulse, so it was always clear to me that I want to continue working and growing the business. My husband quit his job at BMW, and since then, it’s easier to combine both in a way we feel good with. I am very thankful to be able having both. And sometimes you just have to accept that things go slower.

What gives you the energy to master each day?

My marriage, my kids, good friends, my company, and meeting inspiring people for dinner.

What changed most since you moved from Munich to Berlin for you and your family?

We love living in Berlin. We have a beautiful flat in Mitte/Prenzlauer Berg and feel very “arrived” here. There are so many great international people. Big city spirit. The spirit of creating new and grow from being disturbed. It’s a very transforming city, and you feel the change in every little corner. Diversity. Contrasts. The attitude is always live and let live. You can go into the city with your pyjama and nobody cares. I like that.

What was the hardest decision this year for you?

To continue Nectar & Pulse after a big break up with my former business partner. Deciding to continue with my company and bringing my husband, Chris, into the business and so uniting family life and my company on a different level. But also to allow us doing a six-month world trip with my family on the other hand side.

Why do you love challenges, adventures, and the unknown?

I think that is what life is about. We are all born as discoverers of the unknown. It’s in me.

Life is never and always safe. You have nothing to lose so I love the attitude of being ready to take risks and live an adventurous life. I want to play big.

What is your life philosophy if you would have to put it in two sentences?

Taste the Nectar. Feel the Pulse.

What importance does sleep has for you?

Very important! If you turn 80, you spent around 26 years sleeping, that’s crazy. For quite a while in the past, I had troubles sleeping. After both of my parents died, I mourned a lot in the nights and was bothered with bad dreams." I am a night person and like to work during night-time since I have many ideas when it is dark outside. I was often exhilarated by all my ideas, which made it hard to fall asleep. And of course, since I am a mum, I get less sleep, and every good rest is well appreciated. Some months ago, I changed some things concerning my night routine. We recently bought a new huge Boxspringbed (2*2.20 meters) which is great. We all sleep so much better especially when the kids come in the night we have enough space for four now. You don’t have a foot or hand in your mouth any longer.

Any tips for sleeping better?

I try to reduce doing stuff in front of my computer or mobile screen before going to bed No to drinking coffee late at night Yoga No mobiles etc. in the bedroom No mirrors in the bedroom Dark curtains Pillows filled with Swiss stone pine splint

How did your sleeping behaviour change with the birth of your kids?

I have less sleep while breastfeeding, but I don’t feel it that much because I go on hormones. Now they are 1.5 and four years old, and they sleep quite well until 7 am, except they are sick or teething or anything. I try to go to bed earlier. If not, my husband often lets me sleep in and takes over the morning shift. Best man.

Tanja Roos - Family
Tanja Roos - Kids

What keeps you awake during the night?

Exciting projects, new ideas, travel planning, vibrant places, coffee, great music, inspiring talks, sex, Netflix.

What does silk mean to you and why do like wearing it?

The older I get, the more I love products with really high quality and fair trade. No matter what it is – fashion, interior, food or cosmetics – I like to know where the materials or ingredients come from. It’s more expensive to invest in these items beforehand, but they last much longer; often, a lifetime or longer. I own some silk blouses from my Grandma which still look fabulous, feel good on my skin, and I dearly love. Silk feels so exclusive and sexy. I immediately feel well dressed and pretty wearing silk, but I always pay heed to consume fair trade silk. Also, the history of silk fascinates me.

What is your daily routine before falling asleep?

Talking to my husband in the bathroom while we brush our teeth or having a warm shower and get ready for bed. Talking work – with a toothbrush in the mouth, even if we promise each other every day not to. We need to get better at that one. I put on some Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and lavender oil on the wrists. I then observe and kiss my sleeping boys; they always look like angels sleeping. Then I kiss my husband, or more, and then slowly falling asleep with a grin.

What is the one thing you want to achieve before you die?

Having a successful and fulfilled lifelong marriage with my husband Chris and a happy, healthy family, with 3-4 of kids and lots of grandchildren. My family is very important to me. Nothing gives me as much joy as being surrounded by my loved ones. If I could wish for anything more I would love to be as stylish as Iris Apfel when I am 90 and beyond. I’d also love to own and lead Germany's most successful travel magazine and later a boutique hotel brand. Having slept in every remarkable beautiful hotel around the world would be one of my goals. I enjoy travelling, luxury and seeing the beauty of this world every day. I’d love to own an island with a villa and sauna, where all our loved ones and inspiring people come and go. There, we’ll have different business, fashion, cooking, philosophy and art events. I want to invest in other companies and people I believe in. I want to be a source of inspiration and energy to others. This includes coaching people and empowering them having a successful and fulfilled life. And if I then happen to have another spare second, I’d want to write a book about my life and publishing all my book ideas and drafts.

What makes you prouder anything else?

My husband and our two kids.

Tanja Roos - Visionary