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Why Grown-ups Should Have Pyjama Parties Too

Night-time frolics of girls in their gowns isn't limited to kids anymore. Adults can have a pyjama party of their own, and much better.


10 Brilliant Apps to Help You Get Through The Day

Like a double-edged sword, technology can either boost your productivity, or slow you down with distractions. These apps, however, are made to help you set the day's rhythm, whether it's day or night.


Better Sleep, Better Leaders

The secret to success may be more sleep, not less, says a new study in the Journal of Applied Psychology. In this experiment, it was revealed that sleep affects one’s charisma – a factor which fosters inspiration and positive engagement within the workplace – is directly influenced by a well-rested mind.  


Quiet Places in Busy Cities – Marrakech

Lodged at the foothills of the mythical Atlas Mountain is Marrakech, the Red City of Morocco, a labyrinth of colourful medinas, souks, hidden gardens and the majestic view of the sun-dipped desert.

The Signs and Their Sleeping Patterns

Whether you are an energetic Aries or a well-balanced Libra, sometimes it’s helpful to look at the stars for help – especially when it comes to sleep.

How Sleeping in the Afternoon Helps Boost Your Productivity

Your afternoon siestas may do more wonders to your body than you could ever know. If snoozing in the office is not the norm, here are some scientific researches to back your need for appropriate Zzzs.


Yoga and Its Effect on Health

Initially, Brahmans used yoga in their meditative rituals until, over time, it was developed into something everyone can perform and enjoy. On December 2016, UNESCO listed yoga as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Easy 5-10 Minute Stretches Before Bedtime

Going to bed? Keep your hands off your treadmill and do these ten-minute stretches instead. These could do wonders for your sleep and won't make you feel excessively worn-out.

How Do Sleep Labs Work?

Sleeping issues, in some cases, are conveniently resolved through a cup of warm tea, a page of your favourite book, or a playlist of ambient music. In other cases, it does not. During the nights where you stare helplessly on your ceiling, having done all things possible to get your snooze on but failed, perhaps going to a sleep lab is your best option.