How to Decorate Your Room for Better Sleep – and Luck – According to Feng Shui

The Chinese believed in Feng Shui, an ancient art that seeks to harmonize individuals to their environment. The term, literally translated as "wind-water," dates back thousands of years, incorporating other natural elements – wood, fire, earth, and metal – into its philosophy. In Feng Shui, experts believe that changes are to be done, such as the repositioning of one's interior decor, to achieve better health, peace, and success.


10 Podcasts That Will Help You Fall Asleep in No Time

At night, when the world is quiet, things come alive - like creativity and worry - and they keep you up even when you're in your cosy negligee. It's important to slow down these thoughts to get your much-needed sleep. One way to do that is to tune in to meditative channels that will give you a dreamy feeling and lull you down to a soothing slumber.

How Your Skincare Routine Affects Your Sleep

You might not be aware of it, but a lot of things happen to the body during sleep. Most of it, skin deep. Sleep and skincare go hand in hand together, for better or worse.

10 Common Dreams and What They Meant

Some dreams are common and experts say they are subject to a symbolic interpretation. While dreams and their meanings are still unsolved mysteries, there must be a reason why you keep having those nightly visions in sleep.

How to Get More Sleep This 2018

For every woman of the world working their way to success, sleep is essential. For those who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle this year, getting enough sleep is one way to hit the marks. And how can you that? Heed these tips:

Scents of Sleep: Lavender

Perhaps the ultimate sleeping essential oil, lavender is a powerful ingredient that serves many purposes. Thanks to its calming effects, this highly popular ingredient have been used for cosmetics, fragrances, and even medicine.

How to Sleep Better While Travelling on a Plane

Sleeping while travelling is can be a struggle for the less prepared, but if you heed these hacks, you're more likely to have a few good hours of slumber without the fatigue and jetlag.

Your Guide to Caring for Silk

Silk is that one fabric we all love; nothing comes close to the gorgeous satiny feeling of the fabric slipping on our skin like a like a glossy, lightweight cocoon. It's luxurious, classic and chic, but when it comes to cleaning, silk is something we all fear of taking care of.

Pyjama Buying Guide: The 7 Things That Matter in a Pyjama

Selecting your pyjama may seem like a piece of cake, but the truth is, finding one that suits your needs can be as meticulous as picking an evening dress. After all, a good sleep is influenced by a good sleepwear. You want something easy, functional yet chic; add to that, luxurious.

Quiet Places in Busy Cities – Barcelona

Barcelona oozes with an otherworldly charm, a credit which must be given to its architectural gems that exist more than a millennium. Draped in towering columns and cobblestone paths, meandering through the city is like navigating through a dream

Here’s What Your Favourite Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality

The position you sleep may be a subconscious preference, but your character contributes to that choice. In the same way that body language manifests unspoken words and thoughts, sleep also sends a message about who you are.
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