Sustainable High-Tech Fabrics


Natural High-Tech Material for Better Sleep

Silk as a protein fiber is comparable to our human skin in many ways. Wearing silk during your sleep interferes the least with your body's largest organ - your skin - by helping your skin breathe and control your bodies climate. Your sleep and you bodies own anti-aging powers will enhance by sleeping in pure silk every night.

Organic fiber made for comfort

Silk is a natural protein fiber and shows hence many features which are almost like the human skin. Its PH-value is - like no other textile - closest to that of our’s and helps regulate our body temperature and reduce perspiration while we sleep. Silk’s temperature-regulating qualities reduce diverse stress factors for our body and lead to a deeper slumber. It’s cooling effect during hot summer nights and it’s warming quality due to the fabrics tightly woven fibers make silk an optimal choice for sleepwear. Choosing silk as our number one material allows us to dress in a fabric that puts the least stress on our skin during sleep and procrastinates a safe and sound rest.

Warm in winter, cool in summer

A typical characteristic of silk is its high insulating capacity. Silk can make the wearer feel warm in winter and cool in summer which is why it is perfect as an all season nightwear.

Superior Softness

Silk is famous for its softness and hence is ideal for sensitive or even hypoallergenic skin. Our superior softness silk with its long, nonabrasive fibers, provides long lasting comfort to your skin.

Beating night sweats

Due to its hygroscopic capacity silk can absorb up to 30% of its weight in humidity and still does not feel wet. Plus, it naturally regulates your body's climate and prevents sweaty nights during hot summers.


A history in medical appliances, perfect for our skin

Biomaterial design is an important element of tissue engineering, incorporating physical, chemical, and biological cues to guide cells into functional tissues. Silk fibers in the form of sutures have been used for centuries. Recently regenerated silk solutions have been used to form a variety of biomaterials, such as gels, sponges and films, for medical applications. The manifold benefits of silk have not only been used by science but have also been detected by the beauty industry recently. We want to mention only two important aspects here: Silk is only partly humidity absorbent, which means it won’t deplete your skin’s moisture levels during day and night. Wearing silk during your good night sleeps helps your nourishing body and night cream to soak into your skin and allows maintaining a healthy and hydrated skin. On the other side, silk also functions as a “neutral”, naturally hypoallergenic fabric and deters environmental dust mites, mould and fungus, which are all known causes of allergy symptoms. Since we all want to perform on the highest level possible during the day, we can’t afford anything but the best sleep we can possibly get. This is why there was no other option for us than using silk as the material for our sleepwear.

So much better than synthetics

Fast fashion expansion wouldn’t be possible without the rising use of polyester, which is relatively cheap and easily available and is now used in 60% of all garments produced around the world; in 2016 about 21.3 million tonnes were used in clothing, an increase of 157% compared to 2000, when about 8.3 million tonnes were manufactured. Emissions of CO2 for polyester in clothing are nearly 3 times higher than those for cotton. Another issue occurs in regard to biodegradability: Polyester is not naturally degradable; synthetic microfibres are released from clothes when washed, eventually making their way into rivers and seas even into our food and beverages and eventually end up in almost all our systems, where they can potentially take decades to degrade. So this is not only a choice of what is good for our sleep and our skin but also can we as consumer shift demand for synthetics to a sustainable and also healthier substitute. We at RADICE believe we can.


What this means for you

Not all silk is of the same quality, the higher the thread count (the measure of the coarseness or fineness of a fabric), the better the skin benefit: We at RADICE use only 19 momme silk satin, which has a threat count of over 400 and is one of the finest materials available. Wearing a natural fabric is beneficial to our health and the environment in many ways. Silk especially has proven for almost 5000 years that it is a sustainable, beauty enhancing and anti-aging fiber which supports our bodies requirements and helps us find deep and sound sleep.