Premium Pyjamas and Nightwear Made Sustainably

Women’s luxury nightwear made of pure silk

The nourishing suppleness of silk in form of luxury ladies pyjama sets. Every item, a piece of extravagance. We assembled our collection from 19 momme silk to grace you with warmth and comfort in your nightly repose. Cut loosely to drape your body, each piece is carefully handmade for a precise, personal make. Wear the coordinated sets, or choose individual pieces to match your mood.

Satin pyjama sets and luxury nightdresses

The secret to sleeping is silk. Make it a staple with our collection of women's pyjama sets and nightwear, all woven from the soft, lustrous fabric. We've got you covered from head to toe: loosely-cut pyjama bottoms in vibrant print are made to match notched-collared tops in Elisabetha. A mix of cotton and silk - a surprisingly comfortable pair - is the highlight of our Ronja Collection. Thera, our silk cami staples, are cut from basic colours for your mix-and-matching spree. Silk shorts are the star of our Alexandra series, also matched with our decadent silk pyjama bottoms, while Clara is a set of dazzling nightgowns in white and black. Both of these offer delightful options for sleepwear. To top it all off, we've crafted silk eye masks for your taking; a generous construction of pure silk that blocks unwanted rays of light as you close your eyes to slumber. And last but not the least, to complete a satisfying experience, RADICE created a unique blend of aromatic scented candles to keep you warm on cold nights. Drenched in premium oils and made to last 50 hours from first use, enjoy a lasting scent that will pacify your emotions as you dream away. Sleep, silk and scents. Find it all here on RADICE.

From modern designs to luxury basics

Go to bed in style. Wrap yourself in a clean collar, or take a classic notched lapel for an effortlessly classic flair. Our style covers your panache for luxury nightwear, whatever your preferences. The Modern Collection is made to match the upbeat, contemporary woman. Our Classic Collection are made up of sophisticated pyjama sets that will never go out of trend. Last but not the least, our outstanding Luxury Basics - extravagant staples that are a must-have in every woman's closet. Here at RADICE, we have every woman in mind. And with our classic silk pyjamas, sleeping has never been more fashionable

Handmade and designed by European artists

What goes through the hand goes to the heart. RADICE takes pride in its handmade pyjamas, all made by European artisans who value comfort and style just as we do. From the prints to the seams, each item is carefully sewn together for your utmost feeling of luxury. Relish every detail: the Mother of pearl buttons, sleek collars, drawstring ribbons and functional pockets. The cuts are made to drape, the size made to fit with ease. It is not a surprise that the rest of our nightwear are also made by hand; from the tiny eye mask to the gorgeous swing nightgowns.

Radice: Our quality promise

We bind luxury with comfort, extravagance with ease. All that, with complete dedication to excellence and value. At RADICE, our sole concern is to bring you the best experience in sleep. That is why we give careful attention to every piece of our silk pyjamas, ensuring that they are made to perfection. We take pride in our craft, but more so in our commitment to making high quality nightgowns that will accompany you in your most restful nights. Notice it in the 19-momme silk fabric. Feel the smooth, supple texture against your skin. Wallow in the handsome, loose fit that cradles your body with the best temperature as you sleep. From the cut to the drape, the details and the lining, our artisans work with defined accuracy to personally bring you a flawless silk nightwear that will stay with you for a long time. Comfort, quality and longevity. That's the RADICE promise.

Finest materials to make you sleep better

No rashes. No discomfort. No allergy triggers. Just like the cocoon that delicately wraps a butterfly, silk, nature's own woven fabric, is your second skin. It cools down your body, matches your own pH level, making it a perfect fit for those with sensitive skin. Say goodbye to itch-distracted slumbers. Soft in construction but strong in protection, silk is your supple armor against inflammation-causing particles while locking necessary nutrients in. Wrap yourself in our 19-momme silk nightwear, created with vibrant prints that will match your personality and moods. Sleep better, emerge brighter, with our high quality ladies pyjamas and nightgowns in the purest silk material.

Sustainable and everlasting

A mindful piece of luxury. Ethical nightwear sans the carbon footprint. Silk pyjamas are sustainable pyjamas, and when you wear RADICE, you support fair trade fashion that goes against the flow of fast consumerism. Our vegan silk clothing require less use of our natural resources. Instead, we promote value and longevity, helping you ensure that your silk pyjamas will last you for years. In every garment, you can ensure that no harmful fertilizers were used, no toxic dyes were spilled. We thrive on transparency, honest wages, locally-handmade goods, so that other than the gorgeous sensation of silk, you can sleep better at night knowing that your clothes give back to the environment.

Radice Online-Shop – Your way to luxury sleepwear

Online is the trend. We make shopping easier for you; no more waiting in queues, no more long drives to the stores. Buying luxury pyjamas online has never been more fun with our easy-to-browse online shop that lets you purchase in a jiffy. Browse our store by category or view all items at once. Choose your favourites, add them to cart, and click 'Buy' whenever you're ready. We designated a useful size chart for you to determine your best fit. And, if you're looking for inspiration, take a peek at our lookbook that stars our silk sleepwear for ladies online. At RADICE online, you can buy your favourite silk nightwear online, wherever you are in the world. We deliver each item right to your doorstep with the help of our shipping partners. Not purchasing for yourself? Spoil your recipient with a treat by sending an electronic gift card. Should you need any help, our customer support is ready to assist you 24/7.