10 Brilliant Apps to Help You Get Through The Day

10 Brilliant Apps to Help You Get Through The Day

Like a double-edged sword, technology can either boost your productivity, or slow you down with distractions. These apps, however, are made to help you set the day's rhythm, whether it's day or night.

A glance on your phone becomes a usual habit every fifteen minutes. Your daily Candy Crush amusement – meant to entertain you during dull break hours – becomes the focus of your attention. Constant emails bother you, and so do video calls, ringing your phone even during important meeting hours. Yes, technology made our lives easier, but at some point, also added much to its chaos.

There are many ways apps can throw you off your rhythm. However, finding the right ones to reinforce a better lifestyle can help you get back on track.


Start the day right

Strides allow you to track all of your goals in one dashboard. Whether you are keeping watch on your weight, your water intake, your net worth or your sleep, you can personalize your app according to your needs. Easily measure your progress through its simple charts. Set a goal with a 3-step process or use the tracker template for a much-detailed strategy. Of course, celebrate your victories after the grind!

Todoist helps you organize life. –This handy list helps you not forget about the important tasks, and even the meagre ones, as long as they're posted. Be in control of your schedule and declutter your mind with this helpful app.

The makers of Blinkist believe that there are “big ideas in small packages.” With this app, you get access to books, essays and stories transformed into 15-minute reads (or podcasts). Snag a few moments of learning (and entertainment) during your commute!

Focus on the important things

Forest App helps you stay focused. This nifty device lets you plant a tree which blossoms as time goes by. Leave the app, and your tree dies. This metaphorical muse isn't just a virtual reality. Forest partners with Trees for Future to plant real trees on earth. When you spend your virtual coins, the company donates and creates planting orders. How's that for growing something?

Noisly blocks out noises to help you reduce stress and spark your creativity. With this app, you can mix different sounds and create your own audio environment – from the sound of the ocean to the coffee trickling from the pot. It also has a colour generator which slowly changes to ease your eyes as you take that much-needed pause.

Get things done efficiently

Tired of going through your emails? Google Inbox helps you organize your messages through a simple task manager. Here, everything is neatly categorized: from trips to purchases to your favourite store's promos. See updates without opening the message, get reminders or snooze them when they're done for the day.

Terrified at the thought of revisions? Grammarly combs through your document to spot those errors you might have missed. This app extension is available on web browsers, Microsoft Word, and other programs so you'll never have those nail-biting moments of sending typo-filled messages.

Break away from your afternoon dip

Dealing with sad thoughts? Lift up your spirit with Happify, an app that lists science-proven activities that helps elevate happiness. It could be simple, such us picking your favourite scene, or knowing your beloved scent. Gain insights about what makes you happy and track your progress with its built-in stats.

Stressed? Try these:

Headspace is a lovely mediation app that helps you to live mindfully. Composed of bite-sized sessions to keep you company during those short breaks, this is a perfect alternative to high-octane games as it lets you improve focus and ignore distractions.

Instead of listening to your regular Spotify playlist, trade it for Relax Melodies from Ipnos. With more than a hundred white noise, benefit from a deep sleep aided with a calming soundscape. It has a built-in timer that plays during scheduled hours, so whether you are on your bed, this app preps you up for a slumber.

10 apps, one productive you. From the busyness of the day to the restfulness of the night, you can use technology to aid you towards a healthier, more productive lifestyle.