10 Common Dreams and What They Meant

10 Common Dreams and What They Meant

Did you ever have a strange dream of being chased? How about falling deep into the water? Getting back to school? Falling teeth? You're not alone.

Strangely, these dreams are common and experts say they are subject to a symbolic interpretation. While dreams and their meanings are still unsolved mysteries, there must be a reason why you keep having those nightly visions in sleep

If you're falling, there must be a major red flag happening in your life right now. It must be a decision to make, a problem to address, or a relationship to break away from. There are varieties for this dream. Falling slowly indicates being at peace at letting go. Falling fast indicates something in your life is out of control.

If someone dies in your dream, it means that you want to end something in your life, perhaps a career path, a relationship, or something in the past. This dream, experts noted, is not necessarily a nightmare. In fact, it encourages you to take on a new endeavour.

If you are getting chased, it means that something in your life beckons for your attention. This dream encourages you to face a problem that has been hanging over your head for a while.

If you met a celebrity in your dream, there's a good chance that the star is relevant to your talents and/or values. Experts say that celebrities in dreams symbolize your need for acknowledgement in a certain area in your life.

If you are riding a vehicle – whether it is a car, a train, or an airplane – your mind signals you to think about how much control you have over your current direction.

If you're back to school and taking a test, it means you're under pressure. These dreams, usually drawing parallels from your former learning institutions, remind you to stay alert. Maybe it's about time to say hi to your old teachers when you chance upon them.

If you have teeth falling out, it's a sign of losing confidence. It could also mean that you’re hurting.

If you show up late somewhere in your dream, it means that you are overwhelmed with the tasks and you are probably doing too much. Experts interpret this dream as a warning for making promises that are difficult to keep.

If you dream of water – a pool, the seaside, etc. – your subconscious tells you how you manage your emotions effectively. A clear pool tells that you are at peace, as opposed to calm waves and turbulent storms.

If you dream of nudity, your mind signals your vulnerability. Experts say that this dream is common to people who have moved a notch up in their career or are coming into public view for the first time.

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