12 Brilliant Christmas Gifts for the Working Women

12 Brilliant Christmas Gifts for the Working Women


December is just around the corner, slowly rearing its head with the sight of snow softly falling upon extravagantly-decorated homes in gold, red, and green hues. The season to be jolly is also the season to ready your money; here comes the gifting list.

Now, you probably haven’t ticked a lot of those boxes just yet, but if you have included a mum or a lady boss, you’re in luck! We’ve listed thoughtful Christmas gifts for women down below, and it doesn’t include your regular gift basket.

This year, be creative; your favourite females deserve a holiday present to enjoy and use in the coming years. Whether it’s family, a friend, or a colleague you respect, paying attention to the things they want –  or need – will surely reflect your thoughtfulness. Use these suggestions to bring out grateful smiles on their faces.

For Homemaker Hayley

A true queen who knows everything about nesting and sprucing, add these gems to her home, and she’d be thankful for it.

  • Barware set. The hostess with the mostest deserves some weapons of pleasurable consumption in her kitchen, and what more can be better than an arsenal for her bar? A set mixing instruments or a decanter will complete her cocktail-concocting-line-up, and wouldn’t it be nice if you get a sip of that liquor in return?
  • Marble tableware. Little coasters, trinket trays, cheese boards or serving dishes in marble pattern will definitely bring any boring table to life. The visual texture beautifully mixes with any interior colour, adding more spice to their décor.
  • Gold serving utensils. Brighten up the table with something shiny and metallic, like gold-plated serving ware. The colour is perfect for the holiday season. An added plus: it could add a decorative element to her kitchen when not in use.
Christmas-Present - Kitch Marble

For Well-Rested Reese

Highlighting the woman who needs to step back from the grind, give her these essentials to help her find her calm.

  • A box of bath bombs. You have watched them take over the world with their quirk and wit, but this holiday season, remind your favourite women to slow down, pedal back and enjoy the sweet, serene feeling of relaxation. A nice dip in the tub washes away all the stress at work; make it more luxurious by giving them bath bombs of their desired fragrances. Hot baths have never been more of a treat.
  • A deluxe scented candle. The rich feeling of musk and vanilla will give her the feeling of a warm embrace, while the light-hearted scent of florals and citrus will uplift her spirit. Give her an atmosphere of being in a spa with a scented candle, which is a perfect way to unwind during the holidays.
  • A silk pyjama. Put style to sleep; send her off into the Land of Nod with a silky, satiny coordinate that slips nicely onto her skin. Nothing amounts to the feeling of a perfect shut-eye. She’ll wake up feeling smart and sassy with a pair of printed pyjamas that matches her fashion sense.

For Desktop Diana

Ambitious, creative, and goal-oriented, these holiday presents are for the women who hustle with style.

  • A decorative speaker. For the music-loving females, ward off those boring moments with the power of sound. Find a tastefully designed Bluetooth speaker to play her favourite Spotify playlist during her downtimes.
  • A glass terrarium. Put some greens on the table. Grow a succulent inside this geometrically shaped pot and give it as a gift to accompany her in her desktop duties. More than its decorative purposes, plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off fresh oxygen, just the thing brilliant working women need on their stressful days.
  • A desktop trinket dish. Make her table look trendier by gifting her a metallic painted trinket dish to carry her paper clips, pins, and all the other whatnots.

For Travelling Tina

The restless jetsetter who is bound to uncover a thing or two about the world, give her these gifts to accompany her wanderlust.

  • A weekend bag. For the woman who’s always on her heels, a weekender would be a perfect Christmas present. These sturdy bags will carry all their essentials for their three-day getaway. It’s something they can casually bring to their work destinations, as well as their leisure trips.
  • A Leica Camera. Traveling is not complete without photos. For the hobbyist, an instant film camera is their best company. This captures the best of her travels in one easy snapshot. Find a variety that’s compact and handy that will easily fit in her bag without the bulk.
  • A creative journal. Give her a place to list down all her dreams and destination in one place.  For the artistic, a bullet journal with a beautiful cover can keep her company during her trips. For the lady boss, pages that involve motivational quotes will keep her inspired as the days go by.
Christmas - Present - Luxury