5 Occasions to Wear Your Pyjama as Daywear Outside the Bedroom

5 Occasions to Wear Your Pyjama as Daywear Outside the Bedroom

Who says pyjamas are only meant to be worn on slumber parties? Your favourite bedtime look has become a fashion favourite of the stars.

Ordinarily, one might think it a sartorial heresy to find a woman walking out of her home still in her silky pyjamas with a bag and a pair of sunglasses in hand. After all, soft cotton bottoms and camisoles were perceived to be private dresses, things that wouldn't see the light of the day. But in fashion, rules are bound to be broken – if there were any rules at all – and this trend is one of which many ladies delighted to go against the flow.

Award-winning actress Tilda Swinton was among the first to spark this trend. In hosting her Pomellato ad campaign, Swinton was enveloped in a pair of ivory silk jacket and trousers from Lanvin, a look akin to wearing pyjamas. It was comfortable, and it was regal; paired with chain-encrusted necklaces and satin pumps. Fenty owner and singer Rihanna went out with her PJs in film premieres and music awards. Posh Spice Victoria Beckham have been, many times, seen draped with a set of silky coordinates and capped off the look with slinky mules.

The way women wear pyjamas changed over time; this bedroom-only clothing has broken out of its cage and has become a popular, cosy choice for streetwear and formal wear alike. There’s no reason why your own pyjamas should stay in your closet. But when should you wear it, you ask? Here are some of the best occasions to:

When running errands. Had a task to attend to early in the morning? No, don’t change your clothes!  Slip into your go-to sandals or a pair of fluffy slippers; then, proceed to work in your comfiest state while wearing the timeless stripes of Alexandra. Whether it is hitting the grocery, taking the dog to the vet or sending your kid to school, your silky PJs will give you a classy look worthy of a second – or third glance. Once the job is done, get back to bed and catch up on sleep.

In the office. Be that lady boss without any apologies. Pull on Elisabetha in Tea Garden and match it with a pair of white trousers, or its coordinated bottoms instead! Finish off your royal look with dangling earrings, and your hair tied back, sleek and smooth, into a ponytail. Then, select a pair of killer heels to gloss up the look. Now, wear your bag, and those edgy sunglasses, and proceed to save the day with your wit and charm.

During day outs with your girlfriends. Feel fun and confident as you dine out with your friends wearing Alexandra in Amalfi Lemon. The vibrant colours and the gorgeous floral patterns add a youthful vibe to your overall look. Complement the look with gorgeous stringed sandals and – to up the notch – get your comfy robe for a spring-inspired wardrobe.

At (pyjama) parties. Follow Tilda’s footsteps and emulate that silky Lanvin look with a solid-coloured pyjama. The ethereal, classic beauty of Alexandra in Moonlight lets you glide through the crowd with an unusual charm. Wear a minimal necklace and eye-catching shoes to harmonize with the look. A clutch bag and show-stopping earrings will put the spotlight on you.

While travelling. Pack your bags, your favourite books, and your beloved music, then enjoy the ride while being wrapped in Elisabetha in Candy Blue. Whether it’s a flight abroad or a car trip out of town, the lightweight touch of silk keeps up with your body temperature and helps you feel cool – or warm – when needed. And, with your sleep mask nearby, you can easily find slumber as you comfortably drift miles away from home.

Stylish, comfortable and easy on the skin, PJs are more than just loungewear. It’s a stylish fashion choice fit for every occasion. Who knows? Today might just be a good day to go out in your pyjamas!