7 of the Most Tranquil Places on Earth

7 of the Most Tranquil Places on Earth

The busy urban streets are flooded with the sounds of cars honking, people walking, music blaring. When it's time to escape the rush and noise, revel in the world's most peaceful sanctuaries and get back your own sense of gravity.

Too much of the world’s noise can make you deaf to your own. Break away from the overwhelming demands of society and rediscover the quiet beauty of the world in the most untouched, unlikeliest spaces.

The Faroes

Tucked in between Scotland and Iceland are the Faroe Islands, a cluster of 18 mountain-draped islets that showcase a lush, wild terrain. Here, admire the sunset as you snuggle with your beloved while wrapped in your thick, wool sweater. The Faroe Islands is home to less than 50,000 people, most of them still has the brave Viking blood in their veins. Admire long walks or even camping out while basking in nature's raw beauty.

St Helena

Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic is St. Helena, what was once known as Napoleon's place of exile. A new airport allows you to reach the gorgeously remote island by four hours. When you get there, you'll be welcomed by verdant ferns, wind-bent trees, and a parade of vistas eager to take you in. Take a bug gulp of the local pear cacti brandy or the juniper berries gin made from local brewers. From November to February, enjoy the sight of gentle whale sharks landing on the rocky shores for a meet-and-greet.

El Nido

50 pristine beaches under the sun-kissed sky of the Philippines are lodged in the Palawan region of the country. This isolated region makes it difficult to be reached, but the destination is all worth it. Relish in the sight of emerald green waters set against verdant limestone cliffs towering up above as your boat glides from one island to another. Marine sanctuaries cradle sea turtles, coral and a bounty of tropical fish. Enjoy a serving of water sports or rock climbing during the dry season, starting from November to May.


Surrounded by sparkling rivers and misty mountaintops, the unguided trails of Lekgalameetse is home to adventurists looking for a serene spot to enjoy the continent. Bordering the Wolkberg Wilderness, with a beauty akin to the American Andes, bask in the sight of rock pools, tangles of majestic trees, and Africa's spectacular scenery.


In Norway, you'll find the Lofoten, an archipelago located off the west coast of the country. If you love fishing, this is your location; admire the picturesque backdrops of mountains against lakes, speckled with red fisherman cabins which can otherwise be experienced as hotels. In May to July, you'll experience the midnight sun, where the majestic ball of light can still be visible at all twelves.


The UNESCO Heritage site in Japan is home to 150 bird species and 1,900 plant families. Located at the southern tip of Kyushu, this rain forest blooms with a sub-tropical air, spreading its leafy hands from the towering mountain range. Breathe in the fresh air exhaled by plants as you walk deep into the hauntingly beautiful forests surrounded by whimsical trees. Find the way to the babbling streams before taking a dip in the natural onsen for a refreshing bath.


You might be yearning to set your toes in Peru’s famous Machu Picchu, but don't miss this picturesque town lodged in the Sacred Valley. Here, Incan ruins – tiered fields carved from the mountains and a citadel rising up from the peak – are well worth the visit. This quiet place also boasts the sight of Urubamba Valley, wherein you can visit hilltop ruins that could even match Machu Picchu's beauty.  

There’s always so much to see in the planet, and yourself, if you’d only take time to unravel it. After your tranquil holiday, you can go back to work with a better peace of mind.