Celebrate Summer with These Picnic Ideas

Celebrate Summer with These Picnic Ideas

Planning a summer outdoor bash for you and your friends? Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

Summer is never complete without that wide-brim hat, a flowy floral dress, and you parking your car across the beach (or a park) to celebrate the moment with your friends. With the sky so blue and the sun so bright, this season is to be enjoyed with the merriest of your favourite company while you eat, drink and chatter to your heart's content. If the thought of hosting one sends you panicking, you're in luck; we've got picture perfect ideas that will make your summer soiree one of the best, ever.

Go boho!

Nothing speaks as carefree and laidback as a romantic bohemian-themed outdoor bash. It's not as fussy as you'd imagine; you can easily make that whimsical tent (with the help of a canvas variety from IKEA) to keep you out of the sun. Spread a blanket and embellish your space with a couple of embroidered throws for that full nostalgic feel. Lodge your cheese, wine bottle and glasses into your picnic basket. And, instead of ceramic ones, pick patterned paper plates for your salads and sandwiches.

How about a bit of Scandi?

Keep things pretty and minimalist with interesting graphic prints with a Scandinavian charm. Use the same colours (pick ones with yellows for that bright, summery feel) over all the items: blankets, pillows, and even your Bluetooth speaker! Burn a bug-repelling fragrant candle to settle the atmosphere. Take out that cheeseboard and wood beer caddy and enjoy your humble feast with your friends.

Fruity Floral

Millennial pink? Flamingos? Pineapples? Dive into the vibrant tropical theme by using pinks, yellows and greens on your decor. Make use of wild leafy prints; add some balloons to make it more fun (this works best if you're using a private backyard for your picnic party) Then, quell your guests' thirst with a pitcher of strawberry lemonade. Pass on paper snack trays where you can hand out finger food. And, if you've got your cooler game on, you can prepare popsicles with your own fruity recipe to serve later on.

Some items you need in your list:

  • A great playlist, because who doesn't want to dance in nice summer music?
  • Lawn games, since we all need to pass time with a bit of fun in it
  • Print napkins, because we all know picnics can be messy
  • Handy utensils, or else, pick food to be held by hands
  • Hand sanitizers and wet wipes, to keep those hands clean
  • A sturdy tray, to hold the food against unsteady ground – or sand
  • Sunscreen, because we don't want burnt skin
  • Diced fruits, for you and your friends to chow on something healthy
  • Flowers, because ladies love them, and they make the best decoration
  • A smile, because when it comes to picnics, nothing beats a happy mood that lifts everyone up!


What are your picnic ideas, and what do you think makes them perfect? Let us know your thoughts!