Gadgets That Help You Sleep Better

Gadgets That Help You Sleep Better

You might have been told to keep your hands off your gadgets before bedtime – but not these gadgets. Check out what technology can do to improve your sleep.

Nearly half of the people in UK are only getting 6 hours of sleep, according to a research by the UK Sleep Council. The adults fare much worse; other than falling short on the prescribed hours, they also tend to wake up twice at night and may spend at least two evenings tossing and turning. Stress may be the primary factor for the lack of sleep. The second, a snoring partner.

There are many reasons why you couldn't sleep but take heart, these issues can be resolved. Thanks to several gadgets, you can get sleep in the correct hours and length and wake up feeling refreshed. Here is how technology can aid you in getting your sought-after snoozes:

Bose's Sleep Buds


Noise is one of the biggest disruptors of sleep, but American brand Bose has a solution for that. Made with noise-isolating ear-tips, these handy slip-on buds block out common noises at night - snoring, traffic, loud neighbours or barking dogs. The Sleepbuds are embedded with preloaded sounds in its built-in memory, masking the noise with ambient melodies to help you relax and fall asleep. Image ©Bose

Sunrise Pillow

How about this: a pillow that comes with a sleep tracker, smart alarm, wireless music, audio books, custom wake messages and blue light technology? This is Sunrise Pillow, created by a California-based design studio. Its makers have dubbed this "Your own personal sunrise." During the day, it stimulates warm lights to stimulate your natural wake-up process. During the night, the ergonomic pillow tracks your sleep, helps cool down your body temperature, and uses binaural beats that put your brain in rest mode, so you could snooze sooner.


Gone are the days when you are constantly bothered by night wheezing – at least, that's what NORA promises. This smart, non-invasive gadget is made to put a halt in heavy snorers. By placing it on the surface of the bed and the pillow's padded insert, NORA detects snoring. It then slowly inflates and deflates the pillow, like a rocking lullaby. This action stimulates throat muscles and allows natural breathing to resume.


This product promises to aid easily-distracted sleepers with white, pink and brown noise. Now, you might be familiar with white noise – those soft, ambient sounds that relaxes your brain. But what LectroFan offers above all others are pink and brown noise. Pink noise, a specific sonic hue, resembles the sound of steady rainfall or wind, just a higher frequency than white noise. Brown noise is rougher – like the river current or a blast of wind – and promises to improve focus. These three sounds will drown out the noise, helping you get better sleep even in loud environments. Image ©Sound of Sleep

Matrix Sleep

This smart mattress offers to transform the way you sleep, thanks to its ballistocardiography technology – an innovation that tracks heart rate, movement, breathing and sleep cycles. It records data every two minutes within the set alarm range and ensures that this alarm goes off during your lightest phase. No more groggy feeling when you wake up! The bed is made with a polar performance bed over a pli-tech zone. Underneath is a matrix sensor which is dedicated to scan your movements as you sleep.


If you're all about sleep tracking, this headband may just be your thing. Made by a team of innovators, Dreem is a non-invasive sleep aid that addresses various problems while enhancing your naps. It offers sound-based sleep induction which boosts better sleep. Upon reaching the lightest sleep phase, Dreem triggers a Smart Alarm which prevents morning drowsiness. And, when paired with an app, you can monitor your sleeping routine and offers tips on how to improve your lifestyle.

Technology has found a way in improving sleep. With these helpful devices, you can discover how to achieve peaceful, deeper slumbers in the most innovative means.