Pyjama as a Gift? Our Guide How to Make Your Wife/Mom/Sister Happy

Pyjama as a Gift? Our Guide How to Make Your Wife/Mom/Sister Happy

Let’s be honest: buying gifts can be strenuous. It’s easy to get confused at what she’ll like, what her size is, and if you going to wrap that gift by yourself. Well, fret no further. We’re here to help.

No more long drives to brick-and-mortar stores, no more waiting in line, no more wasting time. RADICE has made everything convenient for you by letting you shop in the comfort of your own home. But of course, we know that shopping for the right item takes time. And perhaps, a smart buying strategy. To make things easier for you, here are a few gifting tips: 

Are pyjamas a good present for her?

Perfect for sleep, snuggling, daytime strolling and bedtime rejuvenating, pyjamas - especially those in silk - are perfect gifts to anyone. Our collection comes with a wide variety of patterns and colours, made to suit many preferences, hitting the right notes from the classic to the modern romantic. Plus, each item is embellished with delightful details, such as Mother-of-pearl buttons, tasteful lapels and of course, pockets! Silk pyjamas are thoughtful gifts, and you can never go wrong with giving one!

Silk Pyjama Set in Jamaican Dawn
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When is the best time to gift silk pyjamas?

On her birthday. For Christmas. On a wedding anniversary. As a bridal shower gift or a housewarming present. Buy it for her graduation, or when she got promoted at work. You can gift silk pyjamas on all occasions, and even no occasion, because she is that special.

What pyjama will she like?

There are three ways to discover which RADICE silk pyjama is best for her.

One, choose a colour that matches her personality. You can select a simple, solid-toned hue; like the classic black or white. If she’s into simple elegance, check out our subtle prints. Lastly, if the recipient is more of a vibrant personality, have fun selecting from our array of colourful prints that shines with natural themes!

Two, select a cut. Our Elisabetha collection is made for the stylish, highlighted by its notch lapel collar, loose cuffs, and a drapey cut on the body. Alexandra is more modern, with its neat collar, buttoned cuffs and short coordinates.

Three, pick the right material. Both our Elisabetha and Alexandra collections are made from silk satin fabric that provides a lovely lustre to the prints. Ronja is a mix of silk and cotton, created to give off a lighter feel to the wearer.

Collection of Silk Pyjamas


Should I go for short or long pyjamas?

Here’s a quick hack: choose longer lengths for the lady boss, shorter for the chic and energetic.

We recommend the short, easy-going loungewear for the younger audience (something they could mix and match with casual clothing), and the full-length pyjama pants and sleeves for the classic woman whose fashion taste never go out of style.

What is the best for my budget?

Our silk pyjamas and sleep accessories offer the best value for money. Here are ways to shop within your budget:

What is the right size for her?

Not sure what she needs? Sneak in her closet and check her sizes. Once you find the number, use our trusty size guide indicated on this page. We have listed the equivalent sizes in international standards so that it will be easy for you to compare and find the right fit.

Still unsure? Chat with us.

I want something special. What would you recommend?

Nothing is as remarkable as a gift created solely for one person. Our suggestion? Get her a pair of personalized pyjamas; drop us a line and we’ll have her name on the printed variety you choose. Note that this order is customized and will take slightly longer.

I’m late with my present, as always. Can I book express?

In a rush? Write us and we can ship express. Please take note that our delivery dates vary per country. It takes 1-3 business days for orders in the DE, and 3-10 business days for international orders, depending on your location.

I need help with gift wrapping. Can you do it for me?

Sure! Our RADICE silk pyjamas will arrive at your doorstep wrapped neatly inside a minimalist labeled box for the recipient’s delight.

Help! I still don’t know which pyjama to pick for her.

If you have no idea which pyjama to pick, go with the basics. Classic styles are beautiful and always work, no matter the occasion. One way to get around? Talk to her friends, show them pictures, and let them pick the one that best matches her style.

Our pyjamas go from chic to classy, made to match every style


Still got questions?

We’re all ears! Just open the chat at the bottom right and we will help you to find the right pyjama for you.

We hope this guide helped you in your quest for the best pyjamas to gift. Found what you’re looking for? Congratulations! Now sit back, relax, and wait for your gift to arrive.