Your Gift Guide to Make Her Happy
Your manual to surviving the world of online shopping and gifting

Let’s be honest: buying gifts can be strenuous. It’s easy to get confused at what she’ll like, what her size is, and if you going to wrap that gift by yourself. Well, fret no further. We’re here to help.

No more long drives to brick-and-mortar stores, no more waiting in line, no more wasting time. Radice Sleep has made everything convenient for you by letting you shop in the comfort of your own home. But of course, we know that shopping for the right item takes time.  And perhaps, a smart buying strategy. To make things easier for you, here are a few gifting tips:

When is the best time to gift silk pyjamas?

On her birthday. On a wedding anniversary. As a bridal shower gift or a housewarming present. Buy it for her graduation, or when she got promoted at work. You can gift silk pyjamas on all occasions, and even no occasion, because she is that special.

What pyjamas suit whom?

Radice has all types of pyjama styles and prints for every woman; we curated our collections to match different tastes. Our suggestions? For the fun-loving lady who loves all the bright things in love, check out Alexandra – an indulgence of vibrant prints, modern shapes and stunning details. For the classic woman of the world, we invite you to look at Elisabetha, a selection of timeless prints and solid colours to match those royal evenings.

To get the look and feel of our pyjamas, please check out our lookbook.

Should I go for short or long pyjamas?

Here’s a quick hack: choose longer lengths for the lady boss, shorter for the chic and energetic.

We recommend the short, easy-going loungewear for the younger audience (something they could mix and match with casual clothing), and the full-length pyjama pants and sleeves for the classic woman whose fashion taste never go out of style.

I have a limited budget. How can I choose which pyjamas to buy?

Our silk pyjamas offer the best value for money and sets are sold in separates to fit your budget. You can even purchase one silk camisole and she will feel genuinely loved!

What if she's not a huge fan of pyjamas?

Pyjamas, we believe, are a closet staple, and they don’t have to be used only in sleep. She can wear them outside, on casual and even special occasion! To find inspiration, head to our style guide.

How do I know which size to buy?

Not sure what she needs? Sneak in her closet and check her sizes. Once you find the number, use our trusty size guide indicated on this page. We have listed the equivalent sizes in international standards so that it will be easy for you to compare and find the right fit.

Still unsure? Chat with us.

How do I pay for my purchase?

Shopping at Radice is made easy; on your checkout, indicate your most convenient mode of payment. Our store accepts VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and Klarna.

How will my package get to me?

Radice delivers worldwide, thanks to our shipping partner, DHL. It takes 1-3 business days for orders in the DE, and 3-10 business days for international orders, depending on your location. Please check this page for timelines and rates. Your Radice silk pyjamas will arrive wrapped in a gift packaging, cradled in a sturdy box, so you'll have the joy of handing – or opening a present.

What if she doesn’t like it? What if it’s not the perfect fit?

We have a 30 days return policy - If she does not like it or it's not the perfect fit, we welcome your returns and requests for exchanges, both domestic and international. Please follow our return instructions stated in this page. Refund requests are processed within 4-6 days after we have received the item in their original condition. 

I still don’t know which pyjama to pick for her.

Chat with us. Just open the chat at the bottom right and we will help you to find the right pyjama for you. If you are still unsure, how about giving her a Radice Gift Card? Let her experience a digital shopping spree by sending an electronic gift card worth €50 – up to €1000! We’ll send it to her via email which she can redeem whenever she wants. And, great news: these special cards have no additional processing fees.

Found something in the store you like?

Go on, indulge yourself. Nothing beats the feeling of unwrapping a present meant for you. If you want to learn more about the benefits of sleeping in silk, head on to our blog and discover the many wonders it can do for you, and your lifestyle.

We hope this guide helped you in your quest for the best pyjamas to gift. Found what you’re looking for? Congratulations! Now sit back, relax, and wait for your gift to arrive.

Jonas Diezun

Co-Founder at RADICE

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