Here’s What Your Favourite Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality

Here’s What Your Favourite Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality

There are many ways to sleep but have you ever wondered why you keep on nodding off with your knees curled like a foetus and you're rolled like a ball? How about stretching out on your bed like a long log? Do you find yourself always reverting to the same position, even as you tried not to? There's science behind that. It turns out that everyone has a favourite sleeping position, and it's all because of their personalities.

The position you sleep may be a subconscious preference, but your character contributes to that choice. In the same way that body language manifests unspoken words and thoughts, sleep also sends a message about who you are. To attest to this fact, here are some of the common sleeping positions, and the personalities usually entwined with them:

The Hugger

It may be that your pillow smells so good or feels so comfortable that you cannot sleep without embracing it in your arms. You usually hug this cushion close, then have your legs wrapped around it as well. Wondering why? Pillow-huggers are genuine lovers who love all things cosy. They cherish relationships and prioritizes their family and friends in their lives.

The Straight Strapped

You've slipped into your charming negligee, but you sleep like a soldier, back laid straight with good posture, arms on the side. Science says that people who sleep this way are quiet and reserved. You are disciplined, always living by the standards and moral values you adhere to.

The Lie-backer

You are the epitome of easy-going. At night, you lie on your back with your arms wrapped around your head. Perhaps it's because your silk pyjamas are so comfortable, or maybe it's because you are just characteristically cool. Lie-backers have a happy disposition and do their best to the people they hold dear.

The Eagle

There's no bed too big for you; you take up space with your hands and legs spread out in full limbs. Why? Chances are you are the carefree type, welcome and open to people in dire need of a friend. You are a good listener and you eagerly help anyone that needs a hand.

The Skydiver

Nope, there's no parachute inside, but you look like you're free-falling from the sky with your arms around your pillow, legs stretched straight and your stomach flat on the bed. This sleeping position says that you are bold and sociable, ready to dive into any opportune moment with enthusiasm.

The Foetus

A whopping 41% of sleepers tend to adopt this position – add to that fact, most of them are women! Here, you curl your knees towards your chest and sleep safe and sound as if you are still in your mother's womb. This sleeping position hints that you are tough on the outside, soft on the inside. Socially conscious and careful, you relax after the atmosphere settles on you.

The Log

You wake up with your nightgown smooth and wrinkle-free – but only on one side. That's because you fall asleep on the other side with your arms straight. Science says people who sleep in this position are carefree, friendly, and very popular. You have the magic of pleasing people; people trust you because you trust them too.

Sounds familiar? Which of these sleeping positions do you snooze in? Does the description fit you well? Let us know why you sleep like so in the comments.