How to Get More Sleep This 2018

How to Get More Sleep This 2018

How's your New Year's Resolution - the annual list of things you plan to achieve this 2018? For sure, you've got plenty.

There’s one for your career, one for your personal life and another for your health. But does it include sleep? No? Well, it’s about time to check again, bring out your pen, and write it down.

For every woman of the world working their way to success, sleep is essential. It’s not your day-end routine, a part of a daily habit, and something you won’t want to submit. For those who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle this year, getting enough sleep is one way to hit the marks. And how can you that? Heed these tips:

Make sleep intentional. See the clock hit 10:00 PM? It’s time to change into your negligee and curl up on your bed. Whether you’re at home or jaunting across parts of the globe, it’s important to have a strict schedule to follow – discipline is key to getting enough snoozes your body deserves.

Turn sleeping into pleasure. Pamper yourself before you hit the sheets. Make this a regular routine as a reward for the day’s work. Things you can do: soak into a hot bath with luxurious, colourful bath bombs adding fragrance to your skin, then slip into a pair of silk pyjamas to make slumbers more comfortable. With your senses triggered by an evening downtime, you’d be able to get some shut-eye without any issues.

Keep your hands off the screens. If you’re propelled to check on your Facebook account before you finally take a rest, don’t. Those devices emit rays that keep you wide awake. Instead, sleep-proof your routine. Hide your phone, tablet or laptop away, stretch yourself on your bed, and get some quiet time reading a book before you nod off.

Lighting plays a huge role. Switch that bright central task light to an ambient variety to produce that warm, amber glow at night. Dimmers? Perfect. Your room should set the mood for slowing down. But if you’re in an area where you have no say in the lighting, here’s a tip: bring an eye mask. A silky satin eye-mask will block out all the rays; plus, it will leave the skin around your eyes smooth as you take your Zzzzs.

Exercise before bedtime. Studies say physical activity promotes better sleep. When you have the time, take a five-minute exercise before hitting the sack. Our suggestion: a few stretches on your Yoga mat, or a bit of running on your treadmill. Just don’t overdo it, for too much exercise might have an opposite effect on your sleeping pattern.

This 2018, sleep is for the strong. Prioritize getting those much-needed slumbers and let your body reap the health benefits while you snooze.