Long or Short Pyjamas: What to Wear When

Long or Short Pyjamas: What to Wear When

Your favourite silk pyjamas, surprisingly, comes off in many styles

Here at RADICE, you’ll find many pyjama coordinates that come with either the classic, slouchy pants or the charmingly chic shorts. No; we didn’t make them to confuse you. These bottom alternatives are made to accommodate your various sleeping needs and style. You can stick to your classic staples if you’re a fan of the long pants; or go a bit more fun and adventurous with the shorts. Either ways, you’re definitely going to have a fashionable (and healthy) sleep while being wrapped in silk.

If you’re doing some pyjama shopping and wondering which coordinate to buy, take a look at our list to see which one suits your needs.

Wear long pyjamas if you're all about classic looks

Classic pyjama coordinates will never be out of fashion; take that from Coco Chanel. This luxury sleep wardrobe will accompany you in all seasons – from snow to spring – without changing the comfort it gives as you sleep. That’s because silk blends well with your body temperature, cooling you down during hotter days and making you feel warm during colder seasons. Think about the long naps and the wonderful dreams you’ll have while being cocooned in this organic fibre!

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Wear short pyjamas if you're all about modern style


Want something fresh? Then change your long, droopy bottoms into a pair of crisply chic shorts. Still made from silk, our RADICE pyjamas with short bottoms give a new flair to your sleepwear. You get to enjoy your favourite prints, but with a youthful take. Plus, you get to show off your gams as you sleep!

Wear long pyjamas when you don't want to get cold feet

Experts suggest that in order for one to sleep faster, rooms should be cooler and darker. However, that doesn’t mean you should get frosty toes. If you’re someone who easily gets cold, it’s better to wrap your body with the comforting drape of silk from top to bottom. The long pants extend down to your ankles, giving you a warm armour from the cold. In winter, it helps to sleep with those fun, woolly socks on.

Wear short pyjamas in spring and summer

When the snow fades and the weather start to sizzle up, you want to let your skin breathe. Your best option in sleep? Short pyjamas. Silk, embedded with natural proteins, healthily nourish your skin as you sleep, but if you want your legs to feel free, a pair of silk shorts would do just fine. Want to take it up a notch? Maybe you should try pairing your silk shorts with a sultry, strappy camisole instead of the regular sleeved blouse!

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Wear long pyjamas on special occasions

You don’t have to wear your pyjamas just for sleeping. Take it from the style experts – you can also enjoy your favourite silk number in night-time events that require an opulent ensemble. Ditch that gown, for once, and follow the footsteps of Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, Gigi Hadid and Kate Beckinsale in sporting your favourite coordinates. Our tip? Pull the sleeves to a three-fourth length, pair it with heels, and grab a dressy bag as you head out for a party.

Wear short pyjamas for daytime strolls

Going out with your girl friends? You short pyjamas could work as a fine romper, and the better part? It’s silk. You can also mix and match this short ensemble with other tops, such as a crisp white blouse or a black pussybow shirt. Look cool and feminine with this pyjama bottom, anywhere you go. PS: it is also perfect for travellers!

Whatever your style, which ever pyjama you choose, you can enjoy these essentials in many ways you can possibly imagine.

Have fun mixing and matching pyjama styles and camisoles to achieve new looks! Shop our collection at RADICE.