Silk Pyjamas & Why Should You Have One

Silk Pyjamas & Why Should You Have One

Because sleep is a luxury you shouldn’t deprive yourself of

You spend one third of your lifetime sleeping.  Here's how to prove it: The Daily Mail shares a unique calculator that measures how you specifically spent your life in bed. At 31 years old, the average person has slept for 12 years – an equivalent of more than 620 weeks. That's a lot of days dreaming! But during those light naps and deep slumbers, what were you found wearing?

Sure, sweatpants are amazingly comfortable. Big shirts make you feel young and reckless. Tunics are easy to lounge about and leggings are can be worn from home to the grocery without a fuss. However, if you calculate all those years, how much of those did you treat yourself to wearing a comfortable wardrobe that does not only boost better Zzzs, but also improve your self-esteem?

Sleep, an important facet of your life, is worth investing to. This also means making good choices of what you wear as you snooze. Why, if you care to look your best at work or at play, you should also pay attention to your style as you hit the sack.

The best kind of sleep is the one in silk

Silk pyjamas are luxury wear for a good reason. They're smart, they're elegant, they're easily stylish and will never go out of trend. Pyjamas are common bedtime staples, but you can lift it up a notch higher with a supple silk material that offers many benefits to your body. Unlike synthetic fabrics, silk is breathable. Its organic proteins keep moisture in your skin and regulate temperature as you sleep. What's more, who wouldn’t fall in love with the lustrous, smooth material that glides against your skin, keeping you from nightly scratches and unwanted wrinkles?

Go for sets. When buying pyjamas, make sure it's coordinated. A silk pyjama set with a vibrant print (such as our Alexandra Amalfi Lemon or Elisabetha Aves) lifts your mood by throwing in a splash of colour in your bedtime wardrobe.

Monochromes are majestic. All-white silk pyjamas are a classic. Not only do they glimmer under the light (thanks to their satiny glow), they also make perfect day-wear outfits, should you choose to break the style code. Top A-list stars have been seen donning them, and if you've got the guts, you definitely gain the rewards.

Care for the collars. Traditional notch collars are a common pyjama style fave. We've got a selection of beautifully printed ones in Elisabetha, but if you're a fan of the more modern look – which can easily translate into a daytime silk blouse – browse our Alexandra collection instead.

The details matter. The tiny accents to your silk pyjama add to its overall extravagance, such as buttons, ribbons, and trimmings. Here at RADICE, we made our chic pairs with Mother of pearl buttons, loose drape and ribbon drawstrings to add a feminine touch to each piece.

Fashion goes best with function. Silk pyjamas are not just worn for their comfort. That’s why we’ve created our garments with breast pockets in tops, and side pockets in bottoms, making sure that you can slip your tiny essentials whenever you need them.

Of course, dare to mix and match. Like regular fashion, silk pyjamas are made to match your moods, so go on, invest in a number of sets – and throw in some camisoles in the bunch – so you can pair them off however you wish.

Why buy silk pyjamas? Here are the hints

Thera Sleep Shirt Set in Blue Hour

RADICE Thera Set in Blue Hour

Things silk pyjamas do: keep you stylish, perfect traveller’s sleepwear, a great loungewear, functions as a daytime blouse (or coordinate), can be mixed-and-matched, make you feel lavish, keeps irritants at bay, match the pH of even the most sensitive skin, come in many printed varieties, and altogether a nice treat for yourself – or for your favourite female.

Things silk pyjamas can’t do: save the world, but it will save you from bad days and restless nights.

Spend one-third of your life in your most beautiful, even in bed. Invest in silk pyjamas (or two – or even three) and experience the wonders silk offers during your essential naps. And while you’re at it, throw in a matching sleep mask too!

Looking for sets? Head over to RADICE and discover silk sleepwear in its finest.