Quiet Places in Busy Cities – New York

Quiet Places in Busy Cities – New York

The sprawling city by the Hudson River is one that never sleeps. Its rising skyline perched with clusters of skyscrapers are always lit up with bright colours, especially at night.

Bursting with sheer movement and enthusiasm, New Yorkers stomp on the crossroads on a regular hustle. Cars honk. Crowds pour. There are no shifts. No rests. No pause. How can you find quiet in such a place with a bursting energy of young ambitions?

Here's the good news: there are quiet places in the busy city of New York. If you're looking for calm and serenity, these are the areas you should visit:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art could be regularly flooded by tourists, but the Astor Chinese Garden is the place you can find your zen. It's a quiet courtyard blessed with oriental elements, draped with rock formations and a lot of greens. Use the benches under the pagoda to find rest from the crowd as you inhale art and fresh air. To continue with the fanfare, visit the Henry Clay Frick's former home on the Upper East Side. The space features work by renowned artists such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Goya.

For the bookworm, the Rose Main Reading Room inside New York Public Library is a great space for you to digest those words minus the chattering of crowds. Finished reading? Head on to Battery Park in Manhattan. This 25-acre park is embellished with benches you can sit on and relax while you take in the views of the bay.

A bit of nature will rejuvenate your soul, and you can relish your time with the trees as you spend time in Inwood Hill Park, one of the largest remaining forest land in New York. Enjoy the tranquil scenery as you tour rock formations and the panoramic views of the Hudson River in this 196-acres of lush foliage.

Now, to fill your hunger, drop by Ichiran, a ramen chain that offers introvert-friendly service that lets you enjoy your favourite bowl without any distraction. For an intimate dining with your favourite people, try the Little Owl, quiet gem inside West Village, perched right under the building where the popular American series FRIENDS was shot.

After basking in a glorious serenity, it’s time to get back to the world of hustle and bustle, where more than 8 million people are trying to make it big in one of the brightest cities in the world. As for you, it’s time to head to sleep. The best kind of quiet is wearing your cosy, silk pyjamas and drifting away to dreams you’d chase as you wake up in the morning.