Scents to fall asleep to Chamomile

Scents to fall asleep to Chamomile

Finding it difficult to sleep? Reach out for a bottle of Chamomile. This soothing scent not only calms your senses and lulls you to sleep but also have amazing side-effects that could be valuable to your body's health.

How it is Derived

Chamomile oil is extracted from small, white-petalled flowers resembling daisies. One sniff will remind you of the sharp, fruity scent of apples. Using steam distillation, one can gather the precious oil to use as a cure for mind and body ailments, such as insomnia and anxiety. But its use doesn't stop there. Keep a bottle or two; you'd be surprised at the many benefits you could reap from it.

The Valuable Uses of Chamomile

A known sudorific, Chamomile induces perspiration – a process which removes harmful toxins from your body that may cause infection. Simultaneously, it helps cool down the body, serving as a potent Febrifuge during instances of fever. It is also composed of antibiotic and antiseptic elements which prevent infections from developing, and thus helpful in relieving the swelling of sprains, allergic reaction, and other ailments. Use this for your acne; it removes toxins by cleaning the sebaceous glands through sweating.

A scent used to raise the spirits, Chamomile is known for warding off depression, sadness and lethargy while stirring a charged, happy feeling from within. It is effective to calm down feelings of anger and irritation, particularly in small children. Spray this scent in your child's room to lessen hyperactivity.

The secret, perhaps, comes from its properties that relax tense muscles, emotions, and even the brain. Women who suffer from menopause can find comfort in this scent. Mild enough to relieve a baby's colic, this all-natural healing oil can be used in a bath, as a compress, or as a massage oil.


How to Enjoy this Scent

Chamomile oil can be used on its own or can be blended with other scents and work as a Middle to Base Note. It is best paired with citrus oils (tangerines, lemon, and grapefruit), lavender, rose, clary sage, geranium and black pepper oils.

Keep a bottle of this scent within reach and indulge yourself in a peaceful, calming aroma as you head to the Land of Nod. After all, sleep is more than just a part of your daily routine. It is a moment to relax, rejuvenate and ready your body for another day ahead. Why not pamper yourself? Look forward to slumbering as you dress up in your favourite luxury pyjamas and breathe the serene scent of Chamomile’s oil.