Scents to fall asleep to: Lavender

Scents to fall asleep to: Lavender

The ultimate sleeping essential oil, lavender is a powerful ingredient that serves many purposes. Thanks to its calming effects, this highly popular ingredient have been used for cosmetics, fragrances, and even medicine.

Spread across Hertfordshire is a purple field of lavender, drenching the entire region with its sweet, calming scent, blooming their best in between summer months. Imagine inhaling this minty, floral air; not only do you get visions of purple and lilac, but miraculously, your stress and other emotions of unrest are washed away.

Scent-lovers, scientists and naturalists loved this herb for many reasons. It's like your first aid kit; for bee stings, its therapeutic oil can quickly stop itching and reduce the swelling of the area. It can also be used to ease minor burns, like accidentally spilling your hot coffee on your hand. For small wounds and cuts, lavender can work as an antiseptic. And for those with
nausea and motion sickness, a puff of lavender can lighten your dizziness.

It is also packed with a lot of benefits too. The antioxidants in lavender helps improve heart health and digestion, and is a good panacea for cramps and other stomach-related discomforts. No wonder people love it for tea; a sip of lavender tea is like a liquid hug in your body.

Lavender, originating from southern Europe as well as parts of India and Africa, has been a popular herb used in many ancient cultures. Primarily, it's for its outstanding scent. Powerful elements in lavender were known to soothe nerves, stabilize mood, relieve pain, kill bacteria, and improve sleep! If you're getting less of your Zzzs, you might want to dab a few drops of lavender oil on your wrist (or on your pillows), to help you get back to slumber. 

The scent that makes you fall asleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, smell can affect your sleep. We have already tackled how too much light can affect our body's melatonin, which is our innate trigger for sleep. However, don't leave out your nose. Certain smells, especially those with soothing, calming effects, puts you in a relaxed state.

In one study published by the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, twenty healthy volunteers were enlisted in an experiment. The researchers measured the stimulation of their autonomic nervous system, mood responses, and their electroencephalogram while inhaling lavender oil. After the experiment, it was revealed that lavender oil caused decrease of heart rate, blood preasure, and even skin temperature. The participants rated themselves as more active and relaxed. It was also stated that lavender oil increased theta and alpha brain activities.

Lavender scent is no secret. The truth is, people have been utilising the power of lavender for centuries, and there's no reason you shouldn't benefit from it. Here are ways how:

  • Rub or three drops of this aromatherapy oil on your cupped hands and inhale the scent. For better result, dab it on your wrists, temples, and feet – you’ll instantly feel lighter, brighter and happier. Use this to create your personal oasis, even in crowded areas like planes, trains, and offices.
  • Mix a few drops of lavender oil with water, shake it, and spray it all over your room. Your little space is quickly transformed into a soothing sanctuary. Revel in the scent by putting a few dabs onto your pillow.
  • A known sedative, lavender can be used to ward off insomnia. Mix in lavender oil in your night bath and soak into a spa of your own making. Then go on, slip into your favourite silk pyjamas and indulge in your well-deserved doze-off.
  • Pinning for potpouri? Pick a few lavender flowers, tied them in a small muslin bag and place it inside your pillow for a more organic smell.
    Tea drinkers, make your own lavender tea by drying lavender flowers and brewing it into 2 cups of boiling water. Steep for 5-10 minutes, and drizzle some honey and lemon for a finishing touch!
  • Another way to enjoy this mild, floral scent is lighting up your lavender-scented aromatherapy candle. The warm, calming glow of the candle diffuses the scent all over your room; a perfect treat for cold, winter nights.


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