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The Benefits of Being a Late-night Sleeper

Night owls may have unusual hours of sleeping, but they’re not to be belittled. Science has proven these creatures are the more intelligent kind – and have a few more advantages than morning people.

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What Happens to Your Body When You Sleep?

You may think that sleeping is as uncomplicated as switching off a lightbulb. Your lightbulb. But behind the scenes, amazing things happen from your head to your toes, silently putting you back on tip-top shape before you wake up.

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Melatonin: What Really Puts Us to Sleep

Playing an important role in the human sleep cycle, melatonin is a substance produced by the body which sends wake and sleep signals to the brain.
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Sleep Apnoea – What is It and What Can Help Treat It?

This sleeping disorder is so common even to seemingly-healthy people; know more about its effects and how to treat it.

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Better Sleep May Help You Become a Better Leader

The secret to success may be more sleep, not less, says a new study in the Journal of Applied Psychology. In this experiment, it was revealed that sleep affects one’s charisma – a factor which fosters inspiration and positive engagement within the workplace – is directly influenced by a well-rested mind.  

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The Science Behind Sleep Masks

Can a simple sleep mask make a difference to your sleep? Science answers. This sleeping accessory is not just for fashion; attached to it are proven health benefits that would help one struggling snoozer ease into an easy slumber.

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The Effect of the Full Moon on Your Sleep

Affecting the ocean tides and the earth's gravity, the full moon, surprisingly, has a pull on your drowsy eyes. At night, when the dark sky is much brighter – thanks to that round gold coin that shines among the stars – along comes insomnia. Scientists relates this sleeping phenomenon in various research.
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10 Facts About Daylight Saving Time

On March 25, you may see people suspiciously tinkering their clocks fast-forward to an hour. You may have been told to do so, too. This is not some back-to-the-future drill. It's daylight saving time (DST), where, during spring, the time goes forward one hour whereas it turns backward during fall.
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These Digital Sleep Masks Promise Better Sleep

Since its first inception in the 1930s, sleep masks have ceased to be boring black materials placed on the upper half face. Designers have turned them fashionable accessories, while innovators gave a whole new meaning to sleep with their modern inventions.

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The History of Sleep and How it Has Changed Over History

The way we sleep seems natural. Depending on your age and your region, you may sleep anywhere from seven to ten hours per night, all in a single sitting. For most of us, we have been sleeping this way since we were children and the habit has affected the way we perceive sleep.
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