These Digital Sleep Masks Promise Better Sleep

These Digital Sleep Masks Promise Better Sleep

Since its first inception in the 1930s, sleep masks have ceased to be boring black materials placed on the upper half face. Designers have turned them fashionable accessories, while innovators gave a whole new meaning to sleep with their modern inventions.

Image © GoGlobie

Do you look forward to end snoring? This sleep mask from Silent Partners promises to stop the audible results of sleep apnoea, and it's the first of its kind. This cunningly crafted accessory makes use of soundwaves that silence them from making those disturbing sounds at night. This technology, called Active Sound Cancellation, is triggered on the first sign of snoring and emits a countering sound. Each of these sounds have various frequencies and amplitudes, characterized by inverting the phase of the original sound.

This device carries a hearing aid battery that can be recharged with a USB wire.

Image © Neuroon

If you're a frequent traveller, this sleep mask might just be for you. Despite its odd-looking shape, Neuroon promises to help you bid goodbye to jet lags. It uses a sleep tracker that measures your brainwaves and uses this information for staging sleep. The makers suggest that you use it days before your flight; it helps manipulate melatonin in your body by minimizing exposure to light flashes, and at the same time, gather a comprehensive data of your sleep. Thanks to its 3 golden-plated electrodes, sensors and accelerometer, Neuroon helps you get the right amount of rest in the right moment. And when paired with an app, this device helps you determine your sleep score while giving you customized sleeping tips.

For those who avoid using a sleep mask due to fear of not waking up on time, look no further. Dreamlight has released a high-end sleep mask that promises to give you a good night's sleep, help you adjust your sleep habits, and wake you up when you should be. This heavily-padded accessory is worn with Velcro attachments to block out light. But the bulk is not without a reason; it comes with an optical heart monitor, infrared sensors, gyroscopes and even four speakers on the sides! Its most intriguing part: this sleep mask has inner LED panels which displays light to help you naturally wake up in the morning. No sound of startling alarms. No more fear of arriving late in the office. Fancy, indeed.

Image © Manta

Promising a 100% blackout, Manta Sleep Mask is modular eye mask minus the frills. Made with cotton, foam contours, elastic stretch band, micro Velcro and anti-slip gel, this unique design is a result of a decade-long study to produce a premium sleeping companion. It suits most face shapes and various sleeping positions, offering a perfect seal for your eyes because it is specifically tailored with a patent-pending FreeFit. This recently concluded Kickstarter project with a starting goal of $15,000 won backers’ hearts, gathering $475,193 overall funding.

Image © Eclipse Products LLC

Jason Lichtman, CEO of Eclipse Products LLC, has made a fun sleep mask for frequent flyers, minus the technological wizardry. Instead, he attaches a whiteboard shade on top of the foam-and-fleece masks so that in-flight sleepers will never miss a service. How about writing your requests on your sleep mask as you snore away? With an erasable writing surface, you can write various requests during the entire flight without lacking a nap.

Which of these unique sleep masks impressed you the most?