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The Best Music to Make You Fall Asleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, music helps you calm down, thanks to its direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system which calms your body and preps it for snoozing.
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Tired After Lunch? Here Are the Reasons Why

“Post-lunch dip,” as experts called it, is a natural phenomenon and the culprit may just be what you ate.

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10 Brilliant Apps to Help You Get Through The Day

Like a double-edged sword, technology can either boost your productivity, or slow you down with distractions. These apps, however, are made to help you set the day's rhythm, whether it's day or night.

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The Underestimated Benefits of Silence

In this world of overwhelming noise, silence may just be the cure you need.

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Yoga and Its Effect on Health

Initially, Brahmans used yoga in their meditative rituals until, over time, it was developed into something everyone can perform and enjoy. On December 2016, UNESCO listed yoga as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.
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Easy 5-10 Minute Stretches Before Bedtime

Going to bed? Keep your hands off your treadmill and do these ten-minute stretches instead. These could do wonders for your sleep and won't make you feel excessively worn-out.
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6 Common Foods (Other than Coffee) to Avoid Before Bedtime

There's no escaping the call of hunger just before you hit the sack, but did you know that your food choices can actually affect your overall slumber?
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Scents of Sleep: Bergamot

Bergamot is a sweet, fruity fragrance with a warm, spicy tone. Originating from the small town of Bergamo in Lombardy, Italy, this citrus fruit, a relative of the bitter orange tree, was commercially grown not for its fruit, but for its scent.

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5 Teas That Help You Sleep Better

We all learned that our bedtime snack can be a huge factor in our deep sleep. Switching the food we take in before hitting the sack will do great wonders.

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Different Types of Pillows for Different Sleepers

Choosing a pillow is no rocket science, but you need to determine which one fits your sleeping needs by examining its loft, thickness, and firmness. Getting the perfect pillow leads to a good night’s sleep without the strain.
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