The Signs and Their Sleeping Patterns

The Signs and Their Sleeping Patterns

Whether you are an energetic Aries or a well-balanced Libra, sometimes it’s helpful to look at the stars for help – especially when it comes to sleep.

People sleep differently, but you may find similarities with what says your sign. After all, the zodiac family needs sleep too. While this is a direct opposite of science, we've gathered this for the fun-loving and the curious. Discover how your sign sleeps, and see whether you'd shake your head in disagreement, or nod all the way.

Aries, the late climber

The baby of the zodiac is packed with so much energy that never runs out, which is why hitting the sack by 2 or 3 am seems to be a norm for him. The miracle: Aries signs can still function normally on the next day as if their overnight adventure didn't take up much of their spirit. However, watch out: more of these sleepless nights can cause Aries to be quite cranky. Getting at least six or more hours of sleep is helpful in gaining back that enthusiasm.

Taurus, the always tired

This is the sign that requires that extra hour in the morning to feel awake – fully – even though they crawl in their beds by 11 pm and take at least 7 hours of sleep. This sign needs a slow, gradual waking-up method (like a gentle alarm), as rude and loud sounds don't quite sit well with the bull.

Gemini, the extremes

Either they sleep or not sleep at all - Gemini signs are the extremes of both ends. They could be sleeping a full ten hours or go by a mere number or two. This sign loves constant conversation, but it needs to unplug in order to get its full rest. The tip? Chuck away those electronic devices an hour before bedtime.

Cancer, the busybody

Always looking after their passion projects, Cancer signs don't get much sleep, especially when they're stressed, overloaded with work, and worried. That's why hitting the sack at 9pm is helpful for this sign; they require a nurturing space to re-energize. Another helpful tip? Sleep when you're upset; a nap will recharge you with positive emotions.

Leo, the midnight sleeper

Like Cinderella, Leo sign pulls the blanket by 12 o'clock. After all, they're the party lovers and the socially amicable. However, catching up on those neglected hours can be difficult. To get that full beauty sleep, blacking out the room or wearing a sleep mask is essential.

Virgo, the three-hour napper

People under this sign gets by with less sleep, and it's a wonder. They tend to doze off at 3 am and still be wide-eyed at 8 am. Maybe it's coffee. Maybe it's innate. Whatever the reason, Virgos still require a good amount of deep sleep or else, there will be an inevitable crash. Instead of your wine, trade your evening drink for a tea.

Libra, the balanced

When it comes to sleep, Libra knows how to handle the weight of the day. This mentally-strong sign can handle situations that require less slumbers, only to catch up on it on weekends. During Mondays till Fridays, sleep may beckon them at 2, but on Saturdays, they will be snoozing all day to regain that balance back to their body.

Scorpio, the coffee-addict

No, they're not good sleepers; in fact, they're comfortable with sleeping late. But this routine makes it hard for them to stir awake on time the next day. In order to reset their clock, Scorpios should wind down by 9 or 10 pm and get their eight-hour sleep. Steer away from that espresso and avoid thinking about work for your full snooze.

Sagittarius, the enthusiastic

High-energy Sagittarius gets on with life, but that is until they find themselves sleeping on their chair in the middle of work. While this sign carries on with limited amount of sleep, taking afternoon naps can be helpful. A fifteen-minute snooze can help power you up during lunch breaks.

Capricorn, the consistent

This wintry sign keeps to their watch and stays on their sleeping schedule, whatever happens. With hours calculated beforehand, the regular Capricorn slips into their pyjamas at 12 am in order to beat their 7 am work. Ambitious at heart, Capricorns love the best things, like engulfing their room in aromatic scents, and changing into fine, silk pyjamas.

Aquarius, the lark

Active and alive, Aquarius readily falls asleep as soon as they hit their beds. That's because they often tire themselves to get a good shut-eye. However, a good sleeping routine can help them slow-down and ease their mind. Try a ten-minute meditation, or a hot aromatic bath, to comfort you from the day's stress.

Pisces, the daydreamer

The sign that is most likely to sleep a lot, Pisces snoozes from eight to twelve hours a day. They are imaginative when alone, enthusiastic when surrounded with friends, as they feed off from external energy which makes them stay awake. Heading to the dreamland, however, is their best reward. To calm your mind from further thinking, read a book, or listen to a podcast.

Do you agree with how your sign sleeps? Let us know your thoughts.