Pyjamas during the day? Tips on Styling Your Pyjama as Daywear

Pyjamas during the day? Tips on Styling Your Pyjama as Daywear

Fond of your sleepwear? You have all the reason to, especially when your pyjama has that amazing, luxe colour, gorgeous prints, and a comfortable, silky-soft feeling. Why, there's no need to wear it exclusively in your bedroom; there are so many ways you can style your pyjama as daywear, and you don't have to look sleepy.

This modern, relaxed look gives you ease without the effort, and with a few tricks, this might become your next favourite style. How to pull it off together? Here are some tips.

Top it off

Get out of bed and pull on some jeans while retaining your favourite chemise or pyjama top. Tie your hair, put on some lipstick and bling it out to give you that chic, laidback charm as you head off to a busy day at work. Pair the ensemble with a bowler back to pack all your essentials in one place, and slay the day.

Wear it in coordinates

If you love both the top and pants too much you can't part with either, wear both! And nope, people don't have to mistake you for someone who took her bed to the streets. What you can do? Slip into a trench coat, carry a classy clutch and hit a unique, formal look that will definitely catch everyone's attention. Finish it off with killer heels.

Jackets justified

Your solid-coloured pyjama tops and printed sleeves are perfect outerwear, especially in summery settings. Why not put it on as a coat? Match it with black cropped trousers, shiny solid-blocked heels, and a silky top. You can get away wearing your sleepwear in an understated style and people might just have to guess where your beautiful coat came from!

Crop the ends

Make the look less formal, more fun; roll your sleeves for an easy look and fold the ends of your pyjama pants to showcase a pair of dazzling heels. Finish off the cuffed appearance with a blinged bag – just the perfect look for a girls' day out!

Ribbon the robe

Got a sleeping robe you loved wearing out and about? Style it for your casual wear! With a pair of jeans (or a wide-legged trousers), you can pull off this pyjama as daywear look, all bright-eyed and ready to hustle. Top the ensemble off with a scarf or a statement necklace to pull the attention to your neck and collar.

Yes, you can wear your pyjamas all day, in many ways. Just wear it with the right set of jewellery, a pair of stunning footwear and of course, a bit of boldness. Do your hair, swipe a nice red lipstick, and you're good to go, ready for the day's grind, in the comfort of your favourite sleepwear.