Tired After Being in the Sun? You are Not Alone

Tired After Being in the Sun? You are Not Alone

Long hours of sun exposure might be sapping your energy in many ways. 

Doctors recommend having a good sun soak for our daily dose of Vitamin D, which is essential for the absorption of calcium and other minerals in our diet. A good dose of Vitamin D helps us get healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Other than that, walking under the morning sun naturally improves our mood and boosts our wakeness. It's no surprise that when you're feeling tired or sluggish, a quick walk outdoors can instantly switch your emotions.

But the sun is not all good, though. Too much walking under the hot sun, especially in summer, can cause sunburns. More than that, it might also be the cause of your energy drain.

How? Here are the reasons.

Your body is keeping up with the temperature

The body you're wrapped in is nothing short of a miracle. It copes with every atmosphere to ensure that you have a consistent internal temperature. But under the direct heat, your body works overtime to keep you cool. This means that your metabolism, and the way your heart pumps blood to your brain, requires extra effort. All these inner workings can make you feel sleepy, even if you're just taking a quiet stroll.

You are dehydrated

The higher the temperature, the faster you lose water – plus those all-essential electrolytes your body needs to keep everything in good flow. With the sun beating down on your head, you might experience dehydration. During this, your blood thickens, making it harder for your heart to circulate it. Now, stay away from caffeine; they make hydration worse. What you need is a good water and sodium intake, as the latter regulates your body's fluids.

You are getting sunburned

So, you forgot to slap on your sunscreen. Not good. Sunburn can also be a good reason for your tiredness. As your body tries to regulate your inner temperature, it diverts your fluids from their regular route in order to heal your sunburn. You’ll find it difficult to sweat too, pushing your body to produce more efforts in keeping things in shape.

You are motivated to do more things

Sunlight is a signal for the body to get active. As you immerse yourself outdoors, you feel more alive, more ready to do things. There’s no surprise that you feel more adventurous when you’re on vacation and surrounded by nature. This can also be true when you spend hours on an active hobby, such as swimming, running, or surfing. While these activities are satisfying, our bodies do extra work which make us feel sleepier compared to just sitting on a couch indoors.

Tips on how to fight sun fatigue:

The sun's radiation is strongest from 10 AM to 3 PM. Make sure to minimize outdoor activities during those hours to preserve your energy, and your health.

When you had to be out during those hours, seek shade. Don’t forget to pack an umbrella, a nice hat, and a pair of shades, as your eyes can also be affected by the brightness of the sun and can cause strain.

Do not forget to wear sunscreen. To add another layer of protection, wear a silk long sleeves; not only are they luxurious, but they don’t feel as heavy as other fabrics and will keep you cool all throughout the day.

Dehydration, a rapid pulse, and feeling drowsy are signs of heat exhaustion. Once you recognize these, head somewhere cool, drink lots of water, and rest. Summer may the perfect season to welcome the sun, you do not have to stay under it entirely.