What is Your Pyjama Personality?

What is Your Pyjama Personality?

Your sleepwear says a lot about you. Just as how much you pay attention to your daily fashion, you choose your sleeping outfit based on your own kind of quirk. Your pyjamas may just be the most vulnerable, honest clothing you have. It's the moment when you are behind closed doors, bare-faced and completely yourself that you truly define your sense of style.

Everyone has their own pyjama preferences, and, in an attempt to discover more about one’s personality, we’ve made a little list about common sleepwear selections, and who its wearer might be. Ready to discover your pyjama personality? Read on and see if you agree!

Oversized, old shirts

You are a rocker chic; you love freedom and comfort without the fuss. Why bother about sleepwear when you can easily pull a shirt from the closet and, just like Project Runway's Tim Gunn says, "Make it work?" You are fun, easy-going, low-maintenance but still with the heart dripping with nostalgia. Whether you're sleeping in your boyfriend's jersey or your high school regionals' tee, sleep is on!

Boxers and tank tops

So maybe you have your own sleeping uniform, but still, it doesn't have to be filled with frills. You are smart and chic, ready to down long nights just to finish that project your team has been working on. You feel good in your own skin; everyone loves a confident girl. There's a youthful, playful vibe in you. A true creative, you dream big dreams as you settle on your pillow and your dog cuddles up next to you.


Sexy and a little bit naughty. You are sharp-eyed, decisive, and you're dressed to impress, whether it's lights on or off. You are a true beauty maven, with a five-step cleansing routine before you crawl under your bedsheet and pull down your silk eye-mask. We're guessing your room is full of pretty coats and dazzling heels. In your fancy dreams, the cameras flash before you, and you're the star of the show.


Most likely, you are a traditional lass. You love books, haunted houses, and a little bit of magic. You enjoy tea before bed time and there's a novel sitting by your side table whenever you can't get an easy snooze. You are a practical home-maker, a resourceful craftswoman who is nimble with her hands. Humble, modest, but nonetheless enchanting, you sleep like an angel without tossing and turning.

All White Matching Set

Like Coco Chanel, you know what you want and you stick to the codes. You want something prim, proper and easy-on-the-eye, like this all-white pair of silk pyjamas. You take sleeping seriously, and you do it with extravagance. In return, you glow in the morning after a perfect rest, looking like a queen.

Printed, colorful Pyjama - RADICE

Colourful, Outdoorsy Pyjamas

You are the true epitome of what a lady boss is all about. Your pyjama selection isn’t limited to sleepwear. Who says you can only wear them during the night? You are a deviant that breaks all walls and you choose to slip into your colourful silk pyjama top as you go to work. You’re a huge caffeine fan and a natural perfectionist and you’re set out to go places. Tonight, dreamland. Tomorrow, the world.

Which among these sleepwear selections match your personality? Whatever you choose – even as you go mixing and matching – make sure to get the best sleep with comfortable garments that speak of your style.