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Sleep masks against Wrinkles? The anti-aging benefits of silk sleep masks

More than a classic sleeping accessory, silk sleep masks may even help you turn back time, at least for your face.

Sleep masks carry an often-unacknowledged power. They may be small in size, but this chunk of printed fabric not only helps you get your rightful snooze; it could also help you fight signs of aging. The secret? No, it's not technology. Surprisingly, the miracle lies in its make: silk.

Silk, a luxurious fabric used in many of the world's most expensive clothes, is packed with natural proteins in every thread. String of amino acids bearing the same pH level as the human's skin make up this beautifully organic material. The mulberry variety, among the common types of silk, contains a protein called sericin which reduces allergic reactions. Thus, dermatologists recommend silk for those with sensitive skin; its natural hypoallergenic properties help patients alleviate cases of breakouts, rashes and other skin conditions.

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Why other fabrics won't compare

Have you ever wondered why your night creams don't seem to work? It may be due to the sleep mask you use. Cotton, one of the more common (and cheaper) fabrics used in sleep masks, absorbs moisture from your face and hair. That means most of your generously slathered creams were soaked up into the fabric, instead of getting absorbed by your face.

If you woke up finding another strong crease around your eyes, it may also be due to the fabric of your sleep mask. Synthetic fibres create friction on your skin, dragging the delicate cells on your face, which then results to the creation of wrinkles and creases. Silk, a fabric known for its smooth and supple texture, minimizes those lines. And since it’s packed with organic proteins, silk can also help retain your skin’s natural moisture, allowing your skin to bask in those serums you put before you head to bed. This also means that no drop of your expensive face creams was wasted.

Silk boosts your skin's innate healing properties. It powers up your cells' metabolism, allowing them to develop and repair faster than normal. Suffering from flaky skin? The smooth texture of silk glides nicely on your face. Just feel the cooling sensation of silk against your closed eyes. Instead of encouraging dark circles underneath, silk nurtures and moisturizes this part of the face minus the aggravation; it's perfect for those with eczema and other sensitive skin conditions to sleep on. No more worrying about waking up with rashes and scratches on your face!

Live allergens such as dust, pollen and even bed mites may thrive on the regular sleep mask, but the naturally pure properties of silk repel these unseen triggers. Since it is tightly woven, silk's structure makes it hard for mites to breed and for unwanted allergens to thrive. Say goodbye to common sources of asthma when you sleep with this fabric!

Silk does not only heal the skin; it also reduces friction and moisture loss in the hair. If you’re worried about the straps getting tangled in your mane as you slumber, fear no more! Radice Sleep's silk sleep masks are made of the same material, from the covers to the generous band, so that you will benefit from silk's organic proteins however you wear it.

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Good nights can be greater nights with silk

Smooth, supple, and undeniably luxurious, silk sleep masks are meant to improve your daily Zzzs without compromising your skin’s health. After all, sleep is all about healing. Allow yourself to enjoy the sensation of nature’s own fabric against the skin. Treat yourself to a silk sleep mask and reap its many benefits – including powerful anti-aging properties – in the days to come.

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