Why Grown-ups Should Have Pyjama Parties Too

Why Grown-ups Should Have Pyjama Parties Too
Night-time frolics of girls in their gowns isn't limited to kids anymore. Adults can have a pyjama party of their own, and much better.

Nobody actually knew who invented this tradition, but one can be sure of this: it is as old as hills and has been enjoyed by girls in their tweens and teens. Little Women author Louisa May Alcott probably wrote about this in one of her book character’s stay with a frivolous family. The manuscript was printed back in 1868.

One hunch is that girls who were used to the chatter and clutter of their dormmates take the fun home by inviting them at night. For the baby boomers and the generation before them, it is an essential ritual in which they can leave their child on her own, at least for a night, like a lion cub sent to the wild. By wild, that may mean staying up until past 10 pm, eating snacks on the bed (a true heresy) and clogging the bathroom door as kids brush their teeth all at one time, while telling stories with mouths full.

Van Winkle also had a proposition: sleepovers were the muse of many horror films that thrilled Hollywood many generations ago. People would flock the theatre watching girls in their pyjamas, solving a case while a murderer is on the loose. Strangely, fear might not be the right way to put one to bed.

HuffPost had its own opinion: pyjama parties were a feast. Children were given tubs of popcorn as they watch their favourite films before snooze times. It was an event exclusive to hand-picked guests; no intruders allowed (or they will receive the wrath of pillows thrown at them). At this point, mum downstairs will wonder at the noises coming from the bedroom while she becomes everyone's cook. Of course, they have to do their best, for the kids see the littlest things, and compare mums with their little yet esteemed opinions.

While the origin of this tradition is still unknown, what is evident is that pyjama parties – or in some cases sleep overs or slumber parties – are a fun fest. And while kids enjoyed them then, adults could enjoy them now. Lonely nights at home? Send out those texts to your closest gal pals and wallow in an upgraded version of a sleepover.


Organize your own pyjama party!

  • Send the message out! After months of keeping busy at work, it's time to reconnect with your friends and spend the weekend together. Email them, send a text, or if you have the time, make those invitations yourself! Our suggestion: how about a sleep mask shaped card with a winking eye? 
  • Home or hotel? Home is comfortable, fun, and you can make noises, watch your favourite films and order your night-time snacks as you wish. But for a more luxurious getaway, how about planning an escape somewhere else? Reserve a hotel, indulge in their welcoming wines (or teas, for a healthier option), and enjoy the view from above.
  • Bring your bags. And pillows! Instead of a regular goodie pack, bundle your favourite sleeping bags, pillows and silk masks
  • Go silk. Night gowns are long gone. Instead of a regular loungewear, drape yourself in the smooth luxury of silk as you welcome your guests into your room.

Things you could do:

  • Bring in the props. Hosting an adult pyjama party means you need to be extra creative on the decorations. After all, you want to bring out that child-like sense in you. Drizzle your table with confetti, hang those metallic balloons, and plump those pillows before your guests arrive.
  • Pillow fight? Just make sure it wouldn’t ruin your friend’s hair, which she curled up for the occasion. One has to sleep prettily, right?
  • Play games. The good ole Truth or Dare never dies down; plus, it's a great way to know some hidden secrets, or your own limitation. If you're not up for risks, how about a smart game of Scrabble. If you're into apps, we suggest using Hasbro's Scattergories.
  • Eat! What's a party without food? Although, mind you; you don't want to eat something heavy, or you'll all have a hard time falling asleep. Our suggestions? Nibble on something tasty and light on the stomach. See this post and discover what you should eat before bedtime.
  • Open your beauty stash. Being adults, you know your priorities. It’s not eating all the candies and sleeping at 1 am at the latest. Get back that youthful glow. While you and your friends are lying down, with the lovely scent of lavender simmering in your room (thanks to a fragrant candle), put on those face masks, relax, and moisturize.
  • And now, sleep. Grab your face mask. After a night of long talks about families, exes, high school memories and bad prom dates, it’s time to slowly drift into your dreams with the room completely blacked out.

Pyjama parties are good for you. And your friendship

Slumber parties are a great way to unwind, but it's also a great way to catch up on your friends as life happens. It's the perfect time to reminisce old, pleasant memories; the time when you were back in high school, swooning over your crushes, or when you barrelled your way through your thesis in college. See, you don't really outgrow things; instead, they just grow on you.

Keep the connection, and fun, by spending time together with your favourite people, even in sleep. Tomorrow, you’ll be partaking a breakfast of bacons, eggs and lots of laughter – and probably a new date of when to schedule that next pyjama party together.


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