Your Easy Skincare Routine Before Falling Asleep

Your Easy Skincare Routine Before Falling Asleep

You need no spindle to become a real Sleeping Beauty, but a trusted skin care routine will leave you glowing as soon you wake up.

The secret to a real beauty sleep is no magic, but science. While you are sleeping, your cells get all pumped up to repair the damage your skin received during the day. That includes your small jaunt to the fast-food to get your favourite burger, a long sip of coffee, or a good five minutes of smoking.

According to Everyday Health, sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of skin damage. The ultraviolet rays break down various essential skin components such as collagen and elastin - both of which are necessary to keeping your skin smooth and plump. UV rays also affect melanocytes, which factors in your skin colour. Not only that, sun's drying heat can age your skin far sooner than you'd want.

The second biggest culprit? Free radicals. These unseen environmental elements clog your pores with dirt and pollution and suck nutrients important to your skin. One example? Cigarettes, which lower your estrogen levels, resulting to dryer, wrinkle-prone skin.

During sleep, our body tries its best to heal and rejuvenate damaged components while removing toxic substances. Why not take this moment and add an extra nourishment to your cells as they perform their duties? Here are some of the best skincare hacks you can add to your night-time routine.

If your skin is dull, that probably means its top layer is covered with dead skin-cells. How to recover that bright, glowing look? Exfoliate. According to Allure, exfoliating will reflect more light to your skin. For normal types, it is recommended to get a glycolic acid peel once in a week. For those with oily or combination skin, getting a salicylic-acid cleanser will help in scrubbing away dead skin cells.

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If your skin is dry, that means it's not capable enough to retain moisture. This may be due to use of harsh soaps, frequent bathing, or chapping during winter. Rehydrate your cells by slathering on ceramide-rich moisturizers that contains petrolatum, glycerine, lecithin and hyaluronic acid. And to fill the spaces between the skin cells, find emollient-based products containing lauric acids. The rule of the thumb is the thicker the moisturizer, the more effective will be. Looking for a low-cost solution? How about petroleum jelly?

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If you have acne-prone skin, don't zap it with your fingers; Glamour revealed 11 breakout treatments that work in 24 hours. This includes Tea Tree oil, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes acne. Its healing properties boosts cell turnover and helps scar fade faster. Clay masks are also great options; they draw out impurities at the surface level which helps drying out acne. A few more solutions: benzoyl peroxide, acne dot stick-ons and cult-favourite acne drying lotions.

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If you struggle with redness, itch and rashes, it's time to switch your skin products. Inflamed skin is due to damaged protective barrier than can be caused by harsh cleansers, or even the fabric of your pillow! Find a gentle cleanser to replace the current one in your regimen. Cap off your routine with a serum, such as Sunday Riley's Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment. And last but not the least, replace your pillowcases and sleep masks with a skin-sensitive fabric, like silk.

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With a balanced diet, regular exercise and good hours of sleep, you can help your skin recover its lost glow while warding off unwanted toxins. Use this guide to find the right skincare products you need and create that perfect night-time routine for your beauty sleep!

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Nele Köstler

Nele is Co-Founder at RADICE. She loves to search for new trends and inspirational encounters around the world. As a philosopher she made reading an essential part of her daily routine. She writes about mindfulness, self-empowerment and health. She studied in Munich and New York, worked in international companies as well as small and vibrant startups. Her best advise for sleep? Calm your mind and soul before going to bed: take a walk, meditate or just have a cup of tea in the dark. Then rest.
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