11 Millennial Wellness Trends to Cop Off

11 Millennial Wellness Trends to Cop Off

Fancy staying fit? Take a hint from these surprising wellness trends that's been making a splash this year.

Healthy is in. It’s green over glamorous, value over cheap, longevity over temporary. As everyone return to their roots by acknowledging their oneness with nature, we now get better wellness options. Who doesn’t love self-care, accessible organic goods, and tech-aided health solutions to help you get back on your fitness track?

Soirees minus the spirits

We love parties. We love cocktails and sipping a glass of wine. However, planners of the recent have been throwing out bashes without the alcohol. How? Switching up to quieter, more mindful events, parties are now held in yoga studios, comfy libraries, outdoor glamping and other spots where, instead of beer, you sip fragrant tea. Pass those biscuits, will you?

Step aside, Zumba!

Someone is taking over the ring, and it has gloves. We all loved aerobic classes, but boxing is taking it to a serious level. Not only does it keep your muscles tight and lean, you also get to learn self-defence. Who doesn’t want to earn confidence and sass, knowing you can throw a punch?

Self-care is a priority

Long ago, taking the time off used to be a heresy. The world is all about work, work, work! But turning everything upside down is the love for self-care. After 2017’s hygge, we now arrive to a point where undisturbed lulls are a part of our routine. Simple ways – such as writing a journal, a nice hot bath at night or a weekend vacation – revitalizes your burned-out mind and spirit. If you’re not into wild holidays, staycations are a perfect alternative! Slip into your silk pyjamas and sleep the Saturday away.

Old is gold

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? Perhaps it’s the one with the strands of white hair gleaming from her mane. The one with natural creases at the edge of her eyes borne of too many smiles. Nobody can stop time, but you can add years to your life by boosting your body’s mitochondria – the energy core of your cells. This generator of the ATP (adenosine tiphosphate) powers us to do almost everything; keep it healthy with daily (and proper) sun exposure, a healthy diet, and movement!

Scientific superfoods

Say no to those sugar-packed “fitness” food you see in the supermarket. The alternative? Make healthier recipes on your own! You are in control of the taste, plus you can see what goes into it. Things you want to throw in to your daily meal? Yogurt, moon milk (a levelled-up version of chai latte), and lots of moringa – a type of greens popular in Asia and Africa and is powered with lots of protein, calcium, potassium and vitamin A.

Turmeric in your therapy

If you’re a fan of ginger, then you’ll be a fan of turmeric. This woodsy spice adds a kick to any meal – you can even sprinkle a dash of it on your coffee for a unique taste! Other than that, turmeric is known as a vitamin-and-nutrients-rich herb, so you get all the benefits, plus the flavours.

No time to cook healthy?

No worries. Catering companies have opened their doors to the enthusiastic foodie culture who is too busy to wait in a queue to get their fresh serving of salads. Meal deliveries are making a revolution, reaching out to even the hesitant customer with fresh, organic meals.

The call of keto

Ketogenic diet has been all the rage lately. Focusing on low-carb, protein-and-good-fat rich food groups, this diet induces a state of ketosis, a metabolism phase where you burn unwanted fat while retaining your muscle mass. Stock on those meats and get yourself a fair share of protein to power up your day. Also: did you know that proteins are best in the mornings? Chow down you chicken-and-eggs to help you keep awake.

Analog is the new future

Tuck those smartphones somewhere they won’t be seen. Today’s trend nudges you to take a holiday from the constant buzzing of your notifications, which consequently stresses you out. Take a three-day trip to somewhere quiet (we’ve listed down a handful of those places in the blog), and just allow nature to soak you in its beauty, minus the disruption.

Organic beauty

Toxic chemicals on makeup? Boo. Cosmetic companies are now being careful with their ingredients as consumers are being picky about what’s healthy for the body and the planet. This movement not only reduces carbon footprint and save our furry friends, but you also get to highlight your natural beauty without feeling guilty.

Technology in your Zzzs

That’s right; technology has invaded your sleep. Sleep masks with snooze and wake controls? Check. Mattresses that listens to your sleeping form? Check. Lamps that brighten gently when you wake up? Check. Add to that the plethora of apps that allows you to track and correct sleep patterns as you need it. Who would have thought modernity could make you sleep better?

The world is constantly changing, and each season, we adapt to those trends only to be transformed ourselves. Use these new revolutions to change your routines for the better, healthier you.