7 Tips for Falling Asleep Faster

7 Tips for Falling Asleep Faster

For the lucky ones, sleeping can be as easy as leaning your head on the wall. But for others, it can get as difficult as an unsolved mathematical equation. If you have tossed, turned around and chased sleep without catching up to it, you might have to change your routine. After all, your ZZZs are important; here is where your body repairs itself after being worn-out all day. If you're wondering how to get that perfect shut-eye, you're just in time. Read this post and follow the tips for that no-sweat sleep-off!

1. Put that phone away

You might be replying to your friends about your favourite show's season-ender, but that's also depriving your body of its much-needed slowdown to slumberdom. The blue light from your gadget’s screen keeps you awake, restraining the production of melatonin that controls your sleeping cycle. What you can do? Set a time limit for your socials and make sure to turn your phone off an hour before you sleep. Focus on sleep instead of Facebook, and you're sure to doze off faster than you could imagine.

Tip: If you're not feeling sleepy yet, switch to a book, a calming music, or a bedtime podcast. These three activities entertain your mind without soaking your eyes in the sleep-depriving blue light. According to research, reading a book for at least six minutes help your body to relax, plus, it reduces your stress-levels to more than two-thirds! It's a good way to catch up to your A Song of Ice and Fire reading! Soft music has the power to prepare your brain to sleep, while funny podcasts send pertinent information to your brain, helping you meditate before you head to Nap Land.

2. Develop a pre-sleep routine

Warm up your body temperature before you hit the sack. Unwind your body with a little stretching and proper breathing. Alternatively, you can treat yourself in a nice, hot bath; giving you a fresh, clean feeling as you crawl under your sheets. Drinking a non-caffeinated hot drink will also help you shed heat, making you fall asleep faster.

Tip: You don't need to hit the gym, but a few good stretches loosens to clogged joints and blood vessels, which is also as nice as taking a hot bath. These stretches don't need to be complicated; some can be done in less than ten minutes and may even be performed on your own bed! Wondering how? Check this post.

3. Turn the lights off

Or, if you're not that fond of the dark, dim it to the lowest. Your room should be free from all stimuli, like your television or your neighbour's chattering. Close your blinds and curtains; the dark signals your body to rest.

Tip: Still seeing a bit of light seeping through the gaps of your door? Block out those unwanted rays by putting on an eye mask. Sleep eye masks offer a lot of benefits; more, if they're made of silk. The natural proteins from the fibre helps avoid facial creases and wrinkles, as compared to other fabrics. That's hitting two birds in one stone: sweet sleep, and a smoother face. View our silk eye mask collection here.

4. Keep the room cool.

The body's temperature hits the lowest peak during sleep as its systems slow down. Keeping your bedroom in a cool (not cold) temperature helps it catch up. During winter, adjust your thermostat so that your room can produce the right amount of coolness that you need.

Tip: As you take your Zzzs, your body naturally lowers its temperature. However, to prepare you for your best slumber, you need an atmosphere within 60 and 67 degree Fahrenheit. If your room doesn't produce much coolness, choose fabrics for your bed that will keep moisture at bay, rather than absorb it.


5. Invite sleep with a scent.

More than just a fancy add-on, pleasant, natural aromas can do wonders, helping you to calm down and relax as you doze off. Your favourite artificial vanilla linen sprays might not cut the line. Instead, choose fragrances that match the season. For spring and summer, choose clean scents like mint and floral scents like lavender. During winter, replace them with comforting musk and earthy tones.

Tip: Scented candles can do wonders to your sleep! Not only do they produce a warm, ambient glow that visually helps you calm down; they also signals the mind that you're in a pre-sleep mode, helping you sleep faster. Don't forget to blow them out before you hit the sack. If you're looking for the perfect sleep scents, see our candle series here.

6. Wear the right pyjamas

That’s right; your clothes make the difference. While anyone can practically sleep in anything, wearing your favourite pyjamas stimulates your brain to slow down for the night’s rest. Nothing beats the embrace of an elegant silk sleeve to keep you company in your slumber.

Tip: Pyjamas don't have to stay in room. Choose fun, vibrant coordinates that work perfectly well as loungewear too, such as our classic Elisabetha, or our modern Alexandra. The best part? We've got customizing options that let you print your name on your pyjamas! Contact us for details.

7. Follow a sleeping schedule

Enjoy a moment of lying in, and train your body to sleep at a specific time. Keeping a steady arrangement for sleep helps avoid the disruption of your body's internal clock, and thus gives you the sleep you need. This may be tough during the busy weekdays, but if you stick to your schedule, your internal clock will adjust and your body will get used to your wake-up time.

Tip: The best time to start sleeping is between 8:00 pm and 12:00 am. Not everyone sleeps at the same time, but you can get your snooze at your desired hours and take at least six to seven hours dreaming peacefully. Mind you, oversleeping isn't good!

Heed these tips and you're on your way to a great sleep! To discover more ways on how to indulge in a fine, luxurious slumber, head to RADICE and give yourself a treat.