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What is Your Pyjama Personality?

Your pyjamas may just be the most vulnerable, honest clothing you have.
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7 Tips for Falling Asleep Faster

For the lucky ones, sleeping can be as easy as leaning your head on the wall. But for others, it can get as difficult as an unsolved mathematical equation.
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How Much Sleep Is Sufficient? 4,5,6,7 Hours or More?

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our day, one that is essential to the overall health of our bodies. In spite of this, it is an area of our lives that we often neglect, mostly because we feel like it is unnecessary. This is, of course, entirely wrong. So how much sleep do we really need? 
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What happens while we sleep?

Sleep makes us more alert, more energetic, we are functioning better and feel happier.
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Scents to fall asleep to Chamomile

This soothing scent not only calms your senses and lulls you to sleep but also has amazing side-effects that could be valuable to your body's health.
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